You have self-consciousness; you can realize you have existence. You can perceive through your senses, but you also know you have a unique identity that is not shared by anyone else in all creation. You are the universe perceiving itself through your particular awareness.

Many people have the belief that there is a God. That He created the Earth and us, but is somehow now quite distant and just lets things here take their course. So how do we connect our individual identity with the ultimate Diety.

There is a secret key that was given in the Old Testament that has been lost to most of us. Remember when Moses ascends the mountain and God appears through an angel speaking from the burning bush. When he is told to go and set His people free, Moses says that he has a speech impediment and that no one will believe him. Then he asks the big question: “What is your Name?”

The answer is quite interesting.

I AM THAT I AM — tell them that I AM has sent you.” Then He continues, saying, “This is my name and a memorial for all generations.”

The Hebrew interpretation of this name is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. The first letters of this Hebrew name are four letters — YHVH. If you try to add vowels so you can pronounce it, it would be Yehovah. But is it not a name like Juan or Carlos; it is a statement of being.

The priests said the name was too holy, so they would just use words like adonai, meaning “Lord.” But that is not the name that was supposed to be a memorial for all generations. It was I AM. Self conscious awareness. When you say I AM, you are saying “God in me is,” and you are affirming your spiritual reality. I AM THAT I AM! The God who is all consciousness is the I AM in me, my soul here and now.

Saint Germain told us that using the I AM name is throttling the power of the universe. Jesus used it all the time: “I AM the way, I AM the truth, I am the life, I Am the resurrection.” When you feel financial lack, don’t affirm, “I am broke.” God in you cannot be broke. You say, “I Am the full abundance and supply of every perfect thing that I require now!”

He tells us that this I AM God Self is not in some dusty corner of the universe, but right above us as a sun of Light clothed in rainbow glory. It is connected, like an umbilical cord to the flame of spiritual reality anchored in your heart. With every heartbeat, God’s light is flowing from you and you have the power, through your free will and the spoken word, to let that perfection manifest in your world — or to misqualify that energy and create suffering or limitation.

Ask your I AM Presence to enter your world and take its dominion there. Use the power of the I AM name to affirm what is the real and true reality. Accept God as right above you and anchored in your heart. And remember: “I AM with you always even until the end of the age.”

Warren King
Warren King has been practicing Natural and Oriental Medicine for 24 years and has treated over 9,000 patients. He tries to always work on the root causes of health issues and has recently been focusing on brain and nervous system issues such as depression and anxiety. His new book, Love Your Organs, Love Yourself, is a beautiful way to learn to take care of your organs from an Oriental Medicine perspective. He has a practice in Minnetonka and can be reached at 952.930.3575 or at


  1. I AM That, I Am. I Am Is Connected With Everything. All living and Non living Beings And things.
    Everything is in nothingness. In pure consciousness. `The three Consciousness, The conscious mind, The sub-Concsious mind And The Go Conscious Mind which is also the Universal Consciousness Purely Aligned and being in the Here And Now allows us to dwell in perfect Harmony. Intelligence arises from this Knowledge. Peace within oneself. The ultimate functioning of ones Mind and Body wherin Peace, love, happiness, harmony with all thing, Joy of living, Abundance in everything, blessed, And in the Here And Now. Consider the mighty Stars and the Planets all suspended in mid Air and spinning in its orbit for millions of years. Know the power of the Universe that sustains all life on our planet. All in Abundance. More……

  2. I am just wondering if the name you mentioned _____is really His Name. How that could be? When Christ was still in this physical plain His native tongue did not use English language. As recorded His native tongue spoke Aramaic which is the sister tongue of Arabic. I really cannot understand why the Holy Name of God has so many names in different languages. Perhaps someone can explain. Thank you.


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