In the heart of a wild dog beats the desire for pampered pillows and overflowing food.

Wild dogs are rescues waiting to find their way home to the pack of their human group.

All teeth and growl,
They are testing to see if you are going to love them as they are.

They don’t change into
Peaceful, tame beings,

With love
They simply allow their true selves out.

Any rescue owner knows the truth of this phenomenon.

Wild dogs are tame dogs waiting for true love,
To be made real
Just like that velveteen rabbit.

In many ways they are like each of us,
Waiting for love
belonging, and acceptance.

Acceptance and safety, tame.

Love reveals.

Makes us real,
In relationship,
and in true companionship.

— for Joxer and Romeo, 2011

Dr. Beth Gineris
Dr. Beth Gineris, a Medical Intuitive, developed Instinctive Health Medicine 15 years ago. She synthesized multidimensional healing methods, Reiki, Sound Healing, channeling, meditation and Auric Energy Healing with her professional training to offer techniques that balance emotional and physical health and bring all levels into balance. Her groundbreaking books are excellent resources for resetting balance in relationships: Turning NO to ON: The Art of Parenting with Mindfulness and Turning ME to WE: The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness. Learn more at


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