“You may have bought into perspectives that are not in alignment with who you truly are. It does not mean that you are broken.”

I would like to start off by saying that most people do not see the empirical truth of their innermost being. The fundamental sense of I AM (the God principle) — our immutable, unnameable, unmanifested and unchanging One Life Intelligence that existed before the manifested world had come into being (our thoughts, bodies, personalities and personal “me” stories).

Our physical body is a beautiful vehicle — a tool for tasting experiences in this physical, space-time reality — but it is just a creative expression of dynamic consciousness in a contracted, limited state. When the formless One Life imagines and manifests itself to be a “human being” (through body-mind identification) in relation to other separate human beings, it will give rise to the functioning of an egoic identity — living a life of time, fear, survival, lack, guilt, selfishness, judgment and personal suffering. All of our human troubles and frustrations spring out of the emotional and psychological investment we have with our association to the body instrument.

It is this descent in consciousness into the grosser 3D realm that gives us the delusional idea of who we are as separate people, rather than the actuality of what we really are — pure, eternal oneness. The personal suffering we continuously experience as a result of this state of self-forgetfulness eventually will push and drive us towards self-inquiry, awakening us to a deeper sense of meaning and being. This self-exploration eventually will lead us back to our transcendent, undiluted state of Pure Beingness, our non-dual, grounded state that showers us with natural peace, joy, power, grace and wholeness.

This Cosmic Oneness also is referred to as unconditional love. It is our natural birthright, the very core of our Source identity.

Those who are liberated from form identities also are free from the mental ties from the past and future. They have dropped all mind-made, invested stories in exchange for the complete recognition of their Supreme Self (remaining in the world of form but no longer psychologically of it). Awakened beings are free beyond the confines of the conditioned mind; they do not see themselves merely as by-products of the struggles/experiences they had as appearing human (asleep). They see everything new and afresh as it is, shifting from the belief of being a separate person to the detached field of neutral, intuitive Divine Presence. In that profound state, they are no longer tricked into being defined by the external sensory world of people, places, challenges and circumstances. Therefore, they take things less personally, not giving their power away to others, allowing themselves to be in a constant flow of stability, stillness and grace.

The idea that we see ourselves as “broken” (damaged, unhappy, jaded, not good enough) does not reflect in any way our true, Divine nature. This sense of being broken stems from the false thought or definition that we have bought into society’s notion about our self-worth (devaluing ourselves). We have the power to believe these thoughts into existence. The distorted belief system that we are limited to — this body, mind, past story and social conditioning — will only serve to put illusory shackles on our infinite being; it is a severe case of mistaken identity. By default, we will unconsciously perceive our lives as self-portraits of an unfinished work, viewing ourselves as helpless victims who do not deserve happiness or inner peace until we live up to the expectations of others.

We create our own perceived realities 100 percent of the time through the attention we give to our thoughts, definitions, feelings and experiences. Whatever you perceive yourself to be, that is what you will see and experience in your subjective reality. When you see who you think you are (through the unconscious mind), self-judgment will automatically begin to enter the picture. It is very important to release all unnecessary attention to the old paradigm that you have added to the witnessing dimension of your being, as it does not serve you.

See your essential Self uncluttered for what it truly is. Nothing can be added to this, and nothing can ever be subtracted from it. You are not the constant flux of personal thoughts, emotions, concepts, experiences or beliefs. You are the unseen, unchanging witness of them all — forever whole, indestructible, incorruptible and complete. Be that which you are. Stop being what you are not. This is the awakened state.

“A precious diamond is no less valuable because it is covered in mud. It just needs a little cleaning and nothing has devalued it beneath the appearance on the surface.”

Anon I Mus intentionally made himself to be a nameless and faceless person in the public eye. His objective was to stay unknown (anonymous), hence the nameless name "Anon I Mus" was created. According to him, his name, physical form and personal story are all equally unimportant in the grand scheme of things. He states that "in a deeper seeing of spiritual awareness, one realizes that it is all just God -- the Eternal, Unseen Consciousness expressing itself in the temporal garments of all forms perceived by the mind and senses." In becoming spiritually awakened, one does not have the desire to seek out any personal credit, financial gain or recognition to their apparent form identities for the spiritual knowledge (truths) and higher services. Imparting universal wisdom to others is an act of divine love; it should be given without any conditions. Contact the writer at benyatim@yahoo.com.


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