Internationally renowned author Lee Carroll will present a five-hour lecture and live channeling from the loving, angelic entity known as Kryon on August 1-2 at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott, 2020 East American Blvd., Bloomington, MN, hosted by Anita Collodoro.

On Saturday, Aug. 1, “The Best of Kryon” will be presented by Carroll, highlighting the myriad insights given by Kryon over the past two decades. This summary will be unlike anything Carroll has given before, featuring relevant, fascinating information from the past, present and future. New information about DNA, the energy of the Akash and “Innate” will be presented. Carroll will explain how to create synchronicity, and he will outline the new paradigms Kryon has given for the Old Soul. In addition, “The Story of Easter Island” will detail Carroll’s journey with the Kryon team to Rapa Nui (what the indigenous people call the island), revealing Kryon’s explanation of the how the mammoth, ancient stones were created and moved.

On Sunday, Aug. 2, Carroll will be joined by Dr. Amber Wolf to show participants how to put the Kryon teachings into daily practice. This interactive workshop will answer probing questions that are challenging humanity during this seemingly constant state of shift. Kryon says change is the new normal. Will you ever get a break from the upheaval? Are you comfortable adapting as quickly as life demands it? What are you supposed to hold on to? How do you know what to let go of? How can you feel empowered while surrendering to change?

Carroll has shared the message of Kryon for 25 years with people around the globe, and he is the author of 16 books in 24 languages. Well known in the metaphysical realm, the Kryon books channeled by Carroll have made the top seller’s list of most New Age distributors within months of release.

The following is our recent conversation with Lee Carroll.

For those who have not been to a Kryon event, what can people coming to the Minneapolis event in August expect to experience?
Lee Carroll:
What people can expect is two full days, and you can get a package if you want both of them or you can attend either one. The first day is me talking about what Kryon has said specifically in the last two or three years — the New Normal and all the paradigms that he speaks about, including global warming. Something called the Lemurian Sisterhood will be led by Dr. Wolf. The second day is called “Navigating the New Normal.” It’s an active interactive workshop where we talk to one other and do exercises. So, it’s going to be two days of lots of different kinds of energies and channeling both days.

Let’s start by informing those who are unfamiliar: who is Kryon?
Kryon is an angelic — I would say benevolent — source energy. If you believe in channeling, then you will nod your head and say, let’s continue. If you don’t, there is nothing I can say that will convince you that this is right.

Let me just say that 85 percent of this planet believes in the afterlife and believes in God. There are so many ways of worshipping, but we all realize there is a Creator — and I believe that this Creator talks to us. In my case, for 25 years I have had an active angelic being talking to me and giving me nothing but benevolent, wonderful messages that are loving and often prophetic and very true.

So that’s what I do and that’s who Kryon is. It’s a funny name, especially for an angel, but that is who Kryon is and continues to be with me in the same way through all of these years without a change of energy and without conflict.

Do you remember what Kryon’s initial message was when he came to you in 1989?
Remember it?! I teach it! It was the smallest little book and it is still in print and still very popular. Right out of the box he said, “There will be no Armageddon. There is a new energy coming. You have turned the corner. All the prophesies of doom that you have heard are going to fall on the floor and not be accurate. Stand by for new energy.” That was the message.

Now, this may be very difficult to summarize in a paragraph, but for those who have not followed the messages of Kryon, can you summarize the substance of what Kryon has shared with humanity since coming through you and into our consciousness?
LC: Kyron is here because we have turned a corner. The ancient prophesies — not the ones in Scripture — have echoed this almost to the very point. They said that if we could go past 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, then we would have a new energy on the Earth and a new consciousness.

We had the propensity to kill ourselves, and we have had that propensity for some time — and that’s what has finished. That’s the Armageddon, that’s the Rapture, that’s all of the Holocaust that we thought was coming in the year 2000 or 2012. Kryon said we have passed it. The ancients were right, and everything that Kryon talks about now is what to do next.

Based on what he said recently, what is recommended for us to do in our daily lives in response to the changes taking place now?
I think the best thing that I can tell Lightworkers, old souls, the kind of people who would listen to me or read your articles, is the following: Accept the fact that we are graduating to a new energy where everything is changed. That means everything. It means how we work with our people in our lives if you are a reader, if you’re a healer, if you’re an author; all these things are slightly changing. How we speak starts to change. How we grow starts to change. How we evolve starts to change, and so this is uncomfortable.

Kryon has called it a recalibrating time, so there are health issues, only because we are uncomfortable with the change and we think we are sick. There are pains. We are uncomfortable mentally because things are moving and shifting in ways we never thought they would move or shift. People really are into stability, but now unchanging things are being stirred up because the paradigm of living and the energy on this planet is changing.

It is a time when we are starting to grow up. I will call it growing pains that are spiritual, if you want me to, and that sounds super simple, but almost everybody is feeling it. Now business is feeling it, politics is feeling it, the Earth is feeling it.

I know you haven’t asked this, Tim, but Kryon says that the dark/light quotient — the balance of dark and light on this planet — is moving toward the light. That means the darkness is afraid and it is going to pull out all of the stops. It’s going to give you everything it can. It’s going to scare you to death. It’s going to be personal and it’s going to be local. That’s exactly what’s happening — and you’re seeing people and groups of people who want to kill everybody all of the time. That’s old energy.

And now we’re starting to line up very clearly against things that have been the “same old, same old” for years, if you know what I mean.

We’re seeing protests about inequality of wealth, about racial inequality, and other things here in America.
You know what? These are little things — but they are for us in our space in America. When you start looking at the big things and you start looking at the Earth, it’s those who have literally pulled together everything they had financially and invested themselves in killing anybody who does not believe what they believe, making it so ugly and horrible to scare everybody so they will conform. This is new. We did not have this when we thought times were bad, you know? Wherever you go, something is very, very different.

Added to that is the fact that we are now starting to see people reacting to the old guard — old-energy injustices, whether it’s wealth or race or the things that have been with us now for years that we simply have put up with.

We are pulling out of a recession, which was caused by the challenge of integrity in banking. My father said we would never, ever get control of big money. The bankers do what they want, and the system makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. Suddenly, we objected to banking systems that were giving people loans knowing they could not handle them and they would lose everything, with the banks just walking away, smiling with money in their pockets. This is what used to be and is not the way it is now. We have paid an eight-year price for that in this recession, and it is also spreading into Europe.

Briefly summarize what Kryon has said on a number of topics. Let me start with climate change.
The planet is warming up in the process of getting colder. We are heading for a mini ice age. This has been echoed by many scientists around the globe. You are not seeing it as much in the United States, because there are political agendas — so we will build things and do things and spend money.

But go to places like Russia and Germany, and they are all saying the same thing. Get ready for climatic change, which is getting colder. Kryon has said this now for over 10 years. The Earth is starting to refresh itself with a mini ice age. We have gone through it many times before. We can survive. Kryon is saying that oceans need to refresh themselves — for life. So, this is going to be born out later when we start to see the fish come back, the reefs come back. I know this is radical and it’s also controversial, but I can tell you that this is what Kryon has said.

How about an expansion on how long we will live?
Kryon says our DNA is working at about 30 percent or 40 percent, but it is meant to work at 80 percent. Take a look at the masters of the planet — that’s why they can do things we cannot do, quite frankly. We are meant to live a long time.

Kryon says one of the things that happens is that now, even in rejuvenation, we make a copy instead of going to the original stem cell. Higher consciousness is linked to a higher percentage of DNA efficiency. That will create a body that works better with extended lives. We should live a long time based upon a rejuvenation that takes the stem cell blueprint instead of just making a copy. As a result, we’re seeing a shortening of our telomeres (caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces).

Kryon has not told us how long we’re going to live, but some of the prophets that you read about in Scripture lived very long lives, and that was not a typo at all. That’s DNA working correctly.

Yes, some people in the Bible lived 900 years or more.
Well, I’ll be happy with 200, maybe more or less. But, Kryon said this is where it is heading. People say they don’t like that because they think, “Oh, I don’t want to look like I’m 200!” You know, this is because you’re living in an old paradigm. You haven’t figured it out yet. What that would mean is that you would be healthy and look young right until the end.

Your aging is caused from telomeres shortening with copies and copies and copies when you make new cells, whether it’s your skin or whatever it is. So, we aren’t getting new parts with our new cells. We’re getting used parts during our life.This is going to be born out over a long period of time and generations as we start increasing our life span.

What does Kryon say about the New Age?
We have to call it something different. We have called it the New Age since the hippies in the 1960s, when it was called a cult. Let me refer to a very recent Kryon channeling called “This is not your father’s New Age” (February 14 at www.kryon.com/freeAudio_folder/2015_freeAudio.html) and you can listen to it. It will give you this information. We’re going to have to call it the New New Age or something else, but it’s hardly what it was.

What does Kryon say about the New Normal?
That’s part of the last question. What we’re having now is instead of what we were used to. The New Normal means that things can change or shift, which makes people nervous. Throughout our lives, we graduate to a place where we get an apartment or a home and we say, “Ha! Now I’ve got stability and I’ve built my career!” We crave stability.

Kryon says this is going to bother you, because it’s going to shift. The New Normal is a constantly shifting energy that we have to learn to love — and shift with it and actually expect it. But this is really hard for lots of people.

What does Kryon say about Lemurians, Pleiadians, and other beings in the universe?
Lemurians are the ones who lived on Hawaii, called Lemuria or Mu. It’s where Kryon says we got our start. This is the creative source. This is the creation story.

The Pleiades, he said, is where we came from. The Pleiadians are not God. They have an ascended planet and actually imprinted us with the energy and are reflected in our creation story of Adam and Eve.

I’ve been receiving evidence of this all over the world, in places as far reaching as Easter Island and the middle of Australia, without prompting any of them. They all come up with statues and stories and writings that they say came from the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades.

This is really amazing and it’s far bigger than I ever thought it was. Books like The Fingerprints of the Gods really show this connection. There is a commonality everywhere, all over the planet, with the same symbols and the same drawings — and all of that came from an original source, from the stars.

I’m not a fan, necessarily, of the Ancient Aliens programs because they get ridiculous and are not provable. I don’t go that far out. This is as far as I’m going to go. My research shows that there is substance to this possibility.

What does Kryon say about paying attention to conspiracies?
In about year 10, Kryon made a statement: “When everybody can talk to everybody, there can be no more secrets.” That seemed to predict the internet. As much as our government wants to hold everything close to its vest, everything leaks. Even when they think they’ve got it together, somebody steps out and spills the beans.

The New Normal says you will not have any secrets. You can’t have thousands of people keeping a total and complete secret until the end of their lives. They’re going to spill the beans. So, get logical. Use spiritual common sense. Yes, there are some conspiracies that will be shown to be accurate and true, but don’t hold on to the old ridiculous ones when it’s obviously not logical at all.

Didn’t Kryon also say something about how you’re just spinning your wheels and going nowhere if all you’re focused on is conspiracy?
Oh, yeah. And he said it’s a real good way to sap your energy. There are people who spend all their lives spinning and spinning — and you haven’t helped one person. Kryon says, “Who have you helped?”

He also goes so far as to say that in the old age, you were weird. People knew you were weird. They’d say, “Oh, there goes that New Ager. There’s a person who believes in past lives and weirdness, and chakras and they’re floating along.” They’ll cross the street when they see you coming. Kryon says, “And who have you helped today?”

Stop offending people with your strangeness, because the Masters who walk this planet did not do that. He said it’s time to look at what they did. They were loving, benevolent and beautiful. They were odd, but they didn’t make you think they were odd. You had to decide that for yourself when you were with them.

Our new instructions are to not only love thy neighbor, but get to know them, and not to be so strange and weird so that they will see God in you. Then, if they liked it, then they can ask, “What have you done and what makes your life so peaceful?” When they do, don’t give them a Kryon book. Tell them about your personal experience with your own Creator.

These things are starting to become more practical and they are offending a lot of New Age people. This is unfortunate. I didn’t want to be in this position of changing anything that anybody does, truly. I just want to give information — and in the giving of information, often people are upset. They respond, “Well, listen, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What are you doing?” And Kryon is saying, “God is, but you’re not. You’re graduating and you’re changing.”

One of the amazing recent messages I’ve heard in listening to Kryon revealed something about the age of our souls. Can you share a little bit about that?
Kryon says we are eternal. Now, I think that if you ask somebody how old is God, they would say, “eternal.” We don’t have a term in physics for this. Everything has a beginning. Everything converts to energy, and in our lives we have a paradigm of living in which everything grows old and dies. So we don’t have a word for it.

Eternal is a circle. Our souls always were, Kryon says, just like God. They are a piece of the Creator. Therefore, our souls are linked to God, part of God/Source, and they always were. Therefore, our souls are ageless. They were here before the universe was created and universes before ours. Kryon says in our own galaxy that we are our own ancestors on other planets. That’s how old the souls are.

When Kryon talks about an old soul, even he limits it to this planet, and he limits it to our Akashic record and remembrance of just our lifetimes on this planet. But it goes way, way beyond that. It’s fascinating to me to think that all of that might be carried and recorded with us in our DNA. Kyron says it is. And that’s why many people, spiritual people, sometimes get glimpses of things far earlier than Earth, and they’re branded as very strange and weird, depending on who they tell. But, this is why we sometimes are getting some of the things we are getting, even in dreams and in visions.

Why does Kryon focus on old souls — and what has Kryon said about new souls?
If you’re in a room and you’re an educator and you’ve got people who have received Ph.D.s — along with freshman and people in their third year — there is a hierarchy of respect. That is what the mention of old souls is about. You’re not more special; you’ve just been around longer. The wisdom factor is higher if you have lived many, many lifetimes.

I think you and I both could agree that maybe we have met what I will call first-timers who don’t have a clue. They are so much into survival and just figuring out Earth that the last thing they’ll do is open an article from you or listen to a channeling. They have to figure out what’s what. These are people who are new. Old souls have lived so many lives and have lived through all of the experiences. They’ve been both genders, raised hundreds of children and have a wisdom that literally can move us into a higher vibration because of that.

Kryon said the old souls of the planet are the ones who are going to make the changes because they’re waking up first because they have been through it and they have the most experience. So the light is being turned on in areas for old souls that would not necessarily be turned on for people who just got here.

Old soul versus new soul is not about good and bad or who’s right or wrong, or who is special or not. The responsibility is on the old souls, and they’re the ones reading this.

I have seen this worldwide. It is now starting to really get specialized wherever I go. I can do far more mature things in workshops, in energy work with large crowds, than I ever could do 15 years ago, and people don’t have to be talked into it. They’re ready to go. They understand energy — and this is new.

I can tell you, having done this for a very long time, now 25 years, that this work that we are doing as Lightworkers with others is changing remarkably. I have this discussion with people like Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton and others on the circuit. Sometimes we’ll be eating together or whatever, and we’ll just nod our heads going, “This is a whole different bag that we’re in today.”

What other changes are seeing in audiences around the world?
I am getting more young people. There was a time when the Kryon work attracted people 40 and older. Demographically, this was probably because young people are busy and have a lot to do. They’re doing their careers, they’re raising children, they’re coming and going, and they don’t have time, necessarily, to start relaxing and reading about self-help and themselves.

Now, suddenly, it’s all upside down. We’re starting to get young people coming in groups — The Facebook crowd — young people who are into social networking. They’re into talking to each other in groups instead of one-on-one. The thing is, they’re not pairing up and coming as boyfriend and girlfriend. There’ll be like eight guys together, and numbers of women who are young. It’s odd, but it reflects a whole new paradigm of interest that we’re starting to see.

Your event in August in Minneapolis is called “The Family Reunion,” and you will have Dr. Amber Wolf with you. Tell us a little bit about who she is and what she does?
Amber and I have been presenting in the States and also a little bit in South America and a couple times in Europe. Dr. Wolf is a specialist in many kinds of things. She does craniosacral healing and is a body specialist. She also is a people specialist with her psychology. What we often do is present mini-workshops, interactive events where we get people talking to one another, doing energy work and these kinds of things.

Dr. Wolf and I have done many successful workshops, including the ones that we used to call “The Journey Home” workshops from Kryon book five, Journey Home. We walked through the adventure, and they became “Discovery” workshops where you discover parts of yourself.

Aside from channeling Kryon, you present information at your events. Can you share something about that?
What I do is I channel Kryon, but only maybe 90 minutes to 2 hours is actual channeling. I have put together information that Kryon has given over the years, and that is what I present during the day. It is an explanation of what Kryon has given us in common terms. I try to use science. I try to put it together for the common person so they will understand, because sometimes the channeling is pretty cryptic. It’s high energy and it can be difficult for some to understand.

What effect does listening to Kryon have on people?
Generally, it puts them into a space of reflectiveness. When the channeling is happening, there are usually tears — not of sadness, but of recognition. It sometimes opens a portal within yourself that lets you see the beauty of who you are and the truth. The truth is that we are from the Creator, that we are all family, and maybe, just maybe, there’s a message for us. So, in general, that’s what goes on.

What has Kryon said recently that has had a meaningful impact on you, personally?
That things are going to be changing for me, and they already are. I am just like everybody else. Just because I’m the channeler does not mean I sit there in my chair and just give information and go home. There are things I will have to work with that are different, so I have to get used to them. I am working the puzzle the same way other people are. Kryon has just mentioned to me that this is going to affect the work, and it already is. We’re starting to see increases in attendance, especially in the places where I am going in Europe and around the world. That is a surprise at my age and at this point in the work.

Is it time now to learn about Kryon and listen to what Kryon has to tell us?
I would never say that. I would say to people that now is the time for introspection. Now is the time to listen to the intuition that is God-given. Let that lead you to not just channelers, but other authors like myself, who are talking about the New New Age and the changes we are up against. That is what would be the most beneficial and positive. Kyron is just one of many who are talking about the exact same thing.

You organized a big event that took place in June in which dozens of channelers shared the same podium.
We have done this before, but not to this degree in the States. Oddly enough, I’ve done it in Europe two times where I’ll collect channelers and show people that we are not competing — we are very different. We have some different focuses, but almost all of us say this is the new time and things are changing and then we’re starting to elaborate what the changes are.

The June event was biggest event we have ever put together in the States. Not only did we have a full Kryon conference, but then there were three days of these 12 channelers that I put together.

I want people to know that we have a similar message, that they don’t have to choose a guru. The guru should be you. The Higher Self should be the one that you are turning to — and for everything else, use good discernment. I want people to come and discern and listen and realize truly what is happening.

You’ve traveled the world spreading the message of Kryon. What location has been the most moving to you to visit?
They’re all so different, Tim. And I’ve had some amazing things happen all over the planet. Personally, I am biased. Nature speaks to me. So, I would say the locations that have overwhelmed me over and over have been the parts of what Kryon says are left of Lemuria, that is Hawaii. Those places carry an energy for me; I have to go back to them to recharge.

From a spiritual standpoint there are so many kinds of awakenings going on, from Russia to Bulgaria to Turkey, into Italy and Germany and France. The ones that have been newest to me have been profound only because they have been recent: our journeys to South America. That’s a place that is awakening tremendously. We have trips coming up again to Peru and Bolivia and Chile. It’s really hard to put my finger on the most profound experiences we have had.

Learn more about Lee Carroll and Kryon at www.kryon.com. For more information or to register for the event, visit www.kryonevents.com or call Anita at 952.221.6342.


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