As more people begin to become interested in freeing themselves from the world of duality, more teachers and leaders begin to emerge from creation. There are so many different paths to choose when seeking to evolve beyond your current state of consciousness. Usually, this is instigated through something in your life that jolts you in some way. Others just feel dissatisfied under the rule of the wicked step-mother, and so the search for the fairy godmother begins.

At different stages in this exploration, you may experience an overwhelming amount of information and various types of meditation, prayer, and ceremonial avenues in which you have a taste of the divine. Not to mention, countless number of books, documentaries and YouTube videos now can be your constant companion as you embark on your investigation of “the Transcendental.”

This is all wonderful! The problem begins when we are still operating from our ego, or false sense of self, and the information becomes another loud, overwhelming flood of words in which we find ourselves drowning. The good news is that, in reality, no problems actually exist when you are operating from a higher state of awareness. Any confusion or problems can be extinguished as you simply trust the process of your evolution into your divine nature.

We are so accustomed to the learning processes we use to accomplish something that they undoubtedly will accompany us as we strive to see the light. If you recognize this pattern in yourself, then you are in higher awareness and can even celebrate this recognition of what is irrelevant. The nagging voice and uneasy confusion is nothing more than old, dirty rags with which you have clothed yourself. The minute you become aware of the rags as just an outer form that is forever changing, you are creating inner change. Don’t try to rip them off or force yourself to like them, but see them as your old wardrobe, which you have not yet removed but have surely outgrown due to the discomfort you are experiencing.

Looking more deeply, what is real cannot be removed or taken away from you. Just as the unappealing, uncomfortable wardrobe can be calmly stripped from your body, so too can the thoughts and disruptive patterns of the mind be silenced. What remains in their place is nakedness — nothingness — and it is the only truth in you. It is that which has not been cloaked in false ideas and perceptions of who you are. This peace will fill you with joy and expose all conflict as illusionary and meaningless.

As if these doubtful, fearful, confused thoughts were not enough, there is another way in which the darkness will descend upon your brilliance. It is through false belief that because you are now wearing a soft, shiny sparkling dress (or suit), you are better or different than your brothers and sisters. In this divided state, your glass slippers turn to rubbish once again and you are alone in your separate mind. Seeing your brilliance means seeing in truth, and truth is seeing through the eyes of all who cross your path. It is the same miracle that allows you to see anything at all. In this miracle, all is a miracle.

Moving forward, this Cinderella metaphor for awakening demonstrates that the stories we experience are nothing more than stories. Stories are beautiful, and some can even bring you closer to the divine by leading you to the driving force behind the tale, demonstrating that you are more than a story.

When all is said and done, it comes to a close and we read the words, “The End.” A law of nature is that nothing lasts in our world. Going within, we find the story that never comes to an end — the infinite mystery behind everything we experience and the intelligence that brings all stories to life.

Erin D'Ambrosio is a local healer whose particular experience has been directly through her own challenges and suffering. Through the growth process of the emerging new consciousness and death of the old self, a clearer understanding of her role has emerged. She practices her own method of guided visualization for a still and quiet mind. Contact Erin at 651.808.1910 or erindambrosio@gmail.com.


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