We learn; we grow;
we stretch; we sow
the seeds of wisdom as we go.
We rise; we sleep;
our dreams run deep;
the yield we reap comes slow.
We start; we end;
we learn; we bend;
we cogitate and then pretend
to know what we don’t know.
One day perhaps we’ll grasp the mystery
of our sublime genetic history;
maybe then we’ll learn that we can take it slow.

Victoria Pendragon
Victoria Pendragon's poems were first published in the 1960s by Ingenue Magazine. She was raised in a house where words were treasured toys, where the 10-pound Webster's Unabridged sat right next to the dinner table and was as much a member of the family as anyone. Weaving words is one of her Wisdom Ways, a tool for re-crafting her relationship to her reality, a reality that has at times been...challenging. Poems are the foundation of her life as an artist. Contact her at Visit, or


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