I remember clearly the day I was introduced to Frequencies of Brilliance. I had brought my daughter to a practitioner of this very new work and sat in on the session as the practitioner did brain work to address her persistent migraine headaches. Lindsay had a significant lasting change in her migraine headache pattern not experienced in the many other healing processes we had tried.

As I watched this sacred work, I knew it was the next step on my spiritual path. The course was to be taught shortly in Minnesota, and regardless of cost, time commitment or any other factor, I intended to be there. It was a soul call. The time was December 2002; the course was Frequencies of Brilliance Stage I, a light body work that opens doorways on the body to awakening and self-remembrance. The instructor was Christine Day and the course took place over 12 days in a retreat center on the St. Croix River.

So much took place during those 12 days: lifetimes of transformation, deep healing and also deep confusion. I learned later that the state of confusion allows greater potential for growth and transformation. The 20 of us that took the program bonded deeply through the process. Many of us came together with such a familiarity, and with such a soul connection, that we were irrevocably bound together and continue to be so through the years that have passed. When I went home, I was a different person, vastly changed energetically. I had a knowing that all was right in the world and that I was much more powerful than I had understood before.

I had been searching for years for meaning in my life, and this work seemed to meet that longing to find myself and my alignment to my path on this earth walk. I finished the latest level of Frequencies of Brilliance Stage 24 in February of this year; it is always a great joy to attend the next level of the work. What I find most amazing is that each time I take a course, the work that is revealed is completely new and unexpected. It is truly in the realm of all possibilities. The work in each successive course is channeled in through Christine before she teaches the course. The first time she teaches each new level, the group she works with serves a special purpose, anchoring the frequencies onto the planet. They are an integral part of bringing these new frequencies onto the planet through the human form.

What I have seen over the many years of initiating into this work is that Christine is able to bring the highest frequencies of light possible for the current time to be received by us in human form. Time and time again, we will work with a new energy or a new concept and then months or years later that same concept or terminology begins to be spoken about through other sources. She is truly at the apex for transformational energies being brought to the planet. I have trained with Christine as an assistant learning the process of creating sacred space through using Sacred Geometry. I have never experienced with any other work such a pure, sacred space that is created and held, allowing the participant to drop what is no longer serving and step into their higher light Self.

In the vast spectrum of Frequencies of Brilliance work, there are many processes and techniques for energy healing and spiritual awakening. They range from bone molding, work with organs, healing patterns, working with light strands, manifestation abilities and working with the crystalline structure that we are awakening at this time. There really are endless possibilities through this work.

In recent years Christine Day has begun to use seminar formats to bring the light work to larger numbers of people that need no prior experience to receive and work with the frequencies currently available on the Earth plane.

Oh, I forgot to say Frequencies of Brilliance is a work that is brought to us by the Pleiadians. That wasn’t my go-to statement when first introducing the work in the early years. It is something that I had to reconcile with. It was in that place of confusion where I had to decide to take my place and to acknowledge my alliance with them bringing this work to the Earth plane now.


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