The blurred edge between sight and the abyss
is the most extraordinary border through which the soul can swim

The first time I made my way to the abyss I feared I’d run out of breath
that this life that was so carefully breathed into me
would escape
leaving me deflated in the currents of nothingness.

I found myself surprised as I pushed past the last photons
past the blue of presence, past the indigo of the subconscious
and flailed lightly in the blackness of the divine.

A darkness, an expanse
spanning further than thought itself

carried me by the undulation of energy,
matter upon which my movement twisted the fabric of existence
creating a cosmos of opalescent symphonies

an all-consuming silvery expression of prayer,
each verse more complex than the previous
as adjoining waves
bore into each other.

What I had at one time perceived as a void
filled me— this was the breath of life,
these were the vibrations that carried me to the flesh of my being;

A being,
a membrane-bound abyss
based on photons ringing from
ripples of the divine.


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