In every moment there is a choice. Through every thought there is an action that can mold a behavior that can be concluded with an emotion. In every moment there is a choice. Make your connection to God/Source your number 1 choice and it will become entrained with everything you do.

A daily practice (participation) is huge! Start small to create a communication circuit with deep breathing that will eventually bring complete awareness of your BEingness. Make it your number one priority to find a practice that resonates with you. Where your attention goes, energy flows. So with that said, I would like to share four building blocks that have helped me to form a productive and solid foundation.

This is how I keep it spiritually simple:

  • Break Free from the Mind Matrix — We are cosmic beings. Get over (ego) yourself and your belief system. Is there a God? Is there not a God? Do ETs exist? Are they good? Are they bad? It’s not about being right or wrong. This is beyond acquiring mental knowledge; this is cognition and higher sensory perception. What I am speaking of is not a belief system. There is no dogma or attachment; it’s an individual journey. It is who and what we are. Understand your multi-dimensional self and that Spirituality and Energy are one and the same. We are changing on a molecular level. There is no junk DNA. Become familiar with Spiritual Anatomy beyond the Chakras. It’s advanced intelligence; it supersedes the ability “to figure it out” and is deeply connected to harmonics/math/sacred geometry.
  • It’s All About Energy — Natural evolution of human beings flows into advanced levels of intelligence with expansion of consciousness, which increases levels of empathic sentience (a facet of developing a higher sensory perception). A way to explain it — so it is more easily understood — is to see Consciousness as plasma light particles (light codes) or “intelligent units” (energy), and think of sentience as sort of a sensor in our body, if you will. The higher the overall frequency of the Consciousness that uniquely forms the energy of any entity is the relationship to more advanced levels of intelligence and sentience. Intentionally connecting with higher frequencies such as Love, Purity, Kindness, etc., changes our vibration rate. Access to higher frequency is how one accesses higher intelligence, which are levels of higher operating systems. We are in the midst of a bifurcation, and becoming consubstantial with the energy that fosters who we are. The planetary mind, the collective race mind and the individual mind are binding together in several separate resonance groupings. No more fence sitting.
  • BE Pure — Be the purest possible in all ways possible. Eat local and organic, and nurture Loving and Kind relationships. Be aware of thoughts and take responsibility for behavior and actions not only of self, but also for the space you occupy.
  • Pay Attention — You have an internal switch that will always let you know what to do. We all have this internal yes or no switch that is known as Higher Sensory Perception. This is a technique that grows in strength as you become more sensitive to subtle energy. It’s a feeling of contraction for no and a feeling of expansion for yes. If you are in a place of confusion and need clarity, this is an excellent way to feel into what is resonant with your eternal self.

There is no be-all and end-all — and besides, it’s not vital to live in a box. I am offering up what I feel can help you to uncover your hidden history, so you can be a cosmic, free being. There is much to explore and discover. It’s not a contest. Your ascension will happen whether you participate or not. The cool thing is that if you do make the choice to take an active role, the ride is incredibly smoother.


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