I am living in such a place of love, peace, gratitude and forgiveness and experiencing all of these things in the 5th dimension and beyond. Doing so keeps you in check with all of your emotions and feelings while in a fully consciously awakened state. You are fully aware of how your thought forms are created and how they affect myself and others.

I fully understand how — when I am in love, peace, gratitude and forgiveness, which comes from within the heart — it allows me and keeps me in a neutral state of consciousness. This state of consciousness allows me to experience Love by giving and receiving in equal amounts. If you can love all parts of yourself, then you can receive equally from others.

While in all states of this consciousness, you take full responsibility for all thought forms you create. You are fully aware of how your thoughts affect all parts of yourself, back to the origin of your soul as well as others around you. The more you learn to maintain this state of consciousness, the better your whole life moves into the bliss of pure love. Now that I am able to maintain this state of consciousness and hold this state without being lowered by others, it allows others to rise to the occasion and raise their frequency.

We are created from frequency, sound, color and harmonics — science combined with matter — and our reality is created from our thoughts. You are what you think. When you live in the place of love, peace, gratitude and forgiveness, you can live in a place of neutrality, where there is no judgment, anger of one’s self or others. Just love.

LynMarie8 connects directly with “The Creator of all that is,” sending that energy directly to you. You will see, feel and receive changes — mentally, physically and spiritually — within your DNA, cellular changes.  Healing your life of and with the Mind, Body and Soul from the past, present and future simultaneously. It resolves and collapses issues permanently.  It will change your life, finances, health, relationship or any other issue.  Come experience this for a life now. Contact LynMarie8 for more information or to schedule an appointment at 651.210.1989 or Visit


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