After the gray that surrounds,
The sun comes out.
The rainbow gleams,
Color returns.

The storm not yet distant,
Still trembles within.

Then you,
Present yourself
Like a gift.

As if to say, I am here now
And all is well.

To trust that growing seed of love inside
Is dangerous,
In that adolescent,
breaking the rules way.
Sweet adventure on the horizon.

Simply step into the river of emotion.
Onto the path
Into your life
Simply step
One step.

It seems it should be a big deal,
With fanfare,
With evaluation of pros and cons,
It is simply one step
That changes the day.
To bright color.

A leap of faith
To try again to trust another
And love.

Dr. Beth Gineris
Beth Gineris, a medical intuitive, developed Instinctive Health Medicine, in 1998. Synthesizing multidimensional healing methods, Reiki, channeling, and Auric Energy Healing, with her professional, educational training (MA, MBA, MSOM, DOM, PhD) to balance emotional and physical fields. Her groundbreaking books are excellent resources for health. Visit


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