The warmth of your energy softens the rough edges of mine,
An energy worn out by many of life’s struggles.
From everyday little events to a marathon of struggles and hopes.

Submerged in water by your actions as time tics on and on.
Except I am able to breathe freely and carelessly.
These teasing interactions flow as gently as the flight of a butterfly,
Replaying endlessly with the dynamic of a play throughout my world.

Timidly going back to a now foreign land.
But carefully admiring the beauty of unfamiliarity.
While awaiting the new discoveries to be made.

I find it difficult to breathe again when I am alone,
Until you manifest right by me within the world I call my own.
Gently your influence takes a hold of me, you leave me silent.
Curiously watching the sights that are waiting to be seen.


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