Sometimes I think friends and family who have transitioned into their new lives have become my angels. Their everlasting connection made true by a sign, as a sure thing. Without a doubt it is true. They are here. The voice inside my head or a ladybug in February in Minnesota. Glitter and stardust from where? Heaven knows.

There is a difference between ghosts and angels, and I always know the difference. Angels are gentle and whisper and touch me in an ever so subtle way, whereas a ghost encounter is bold, mysterious and odd…and you sit paralyzed for a moment discerning and waiting for more. An angel comes suddenly and you say and know…yes, I was really touched by an angel, and she is my sister, who left this Earth, or my old friend so and so.

Angels always leave a smile on your face as they give you part of them: something your memory stores, a favorite animal of theirs, perhaps they collected something, or a song? Just this morning in a yoga pose, Duran Duran — my sister’s favorite band — was playing in the background. She touched me and visited. I know her as an angel now and she is ageless, unlike myself as I reach to hold a painful stretch. Forever young, forever alive, the angels are. I saw her dancing and singing her favorite song, her hair swaying and her head tossed back as she laughed.

In these cases, the departed, are specific in getting our attention, using a personal message that only I or you and the others who know and love them well would understand, would know without question and say yes, that really is that person communicating, touching me like an angel.

This brings me into three dimensions: past, present and future.

We are opening to the thinning of the veil and wider knowledge and understanding, healing and much more. Our departed loved ones, as angels, have the capacity to aid in this process, and they are used as lightworkers, as angels. It’s because of our close acquaintance with them that we have faith. After all, they are so real and convincing, unlike a stranger angel which, in fact, might take more effort and convincing to win over the skeptical. If the direct message is coming from a close person, you need no convincing.

I do not believe people die because “God needed them for something else,” but in this case, that expression comes to life for me! It allows me to remember them, and myself with them, in the past — while living here in the now, while acknowledging the now and being present.

Regarding the future, we realize that our loved ones are dead while also knowing that we will end up at the same destination. The angel of death teaches us past, present and future — and the continuum. How grand indeed!


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