You are the wind
Your voice the sweet sound of rain,
sounds like a bell in my ears.
You are the sun and the moon.
Your personality the trick of moonlight turning night into day.
Your memory transports me to youth…
Brief life,
intense flame, that burned
Your light shined as the brightest star – burning blue, fierce heat. Effervescent Joy,
And then gone.
Snuffed out by the weight of your destiny.
You, forever the boy
I age,
years fade.
The lines on my face grow
you are forever pure and light.
Time sheaths our connection, Holding you in my memory.
like a coat in the fiercest wind. You warm me,
like a sun that is always present.

Dr. Beth Gineris

Beth Gineris, a medical intuitive, developed Instinctive Health Medicine, in 1998. Synthesizing multidimensional healing methods, Reiki, channeling, and Auric Energy Healing, with her professional, educational training (MA, MBA, MSOM, DOM, PhD) to balance emotional and physical fields. Her groundbreaking books are excellent resources for health. Visit


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