After all the distorted facts and drama unfolds
She walks by smirking and taunting me still
Trying to push my buttons to get me to react
I stand back reeling from the horror
Of insults and insinuations hurling
She now acts superior like a victor home from battle
But the battle within her continues to toil
Although I wish to battle not, it also means I fear not
The fear you impose you unleash from within
A reflection of your thoughts and life experiences
I see your spirit and mine floods with sorrow
But woe the sorrow of my spirit helps you not
So I send you joy and an abundance of Light
As you seem to need it more than I now in your life
I hope your journey leads you to the peace that you seek
Just remember peace is not a battle; it is place of quiet resolve
Where we learn from each other lessons to help one another
Let the Light guide you so fear falls away
You will then see in all a brighter day.

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