The leaves I thought
Were talking to me
But really now
It’s the wind
Speaking in soft nuances
Of jasmine, sandalwood,
And the palm
Of love to be, love that was
And that love that always
With memories and scents
Outlines and tracings
Arcs and bows.

Wendy E. Slater, in her youth, found her greatest gift of expression in poetry -- and then went dormant. Years later, on a trip to Scotland, the fount reopened. She had been through a crucible of chronic illness that forever changed her, launching Wendy on a quest for meaning and life reexamination. That quest opened a gateway into self-healing that resulted in 20 volumes of simmering, soul-searing and spiritual poetry that deftly points humankind toward a new awareness of our Oneness with all humanity, nature, the cosmos and the divinity. Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14, is the first of her volumes to reach publication. These poems are excerpts, by permission of Traduka Publishing.


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