Have compassion;

For they live in the body,
and whoever lives in
the body will
become angry
at its constraints, at
its hinges and at
its locks and keys —

Have compassion;

The suffering of
the wandering ones
lost without a home,
quick to temper,
certain to blame,
because they have
forgotten their true
name and the name
of their brother —

Have compassion;

To the plight
of captured wind
in a glass vase,
easy to break,
fragile to touch —
A spirit cannot
the suffering vase
of skin and blood
and organ and bone.

Have compassion;

Because those you hate
live afraid, their fear
greater than yours
believing they are
a sack cut from burlap,
sewn from uncertainty,
they live in the
cave of mind —

“And we have none, ”
says the breath
chaotic, alarmed,
in the land of sorrow —

Have compassion;

The light is all.
Walk as a leaf that
flees its tree —
Live as the seed that
cannot be seen —
Speak as the rock
the Ancient Ones knew
and then you will hear
with compassion
the love of your fellows —

Now go — make Peace your Will.

Deirdre Hade
Deirdre Hade is an artist and a visionary, writing poetry and conversing with the mystical worlds. As the founder of Radiance Healing and Meditation, Deirdre has guided people worldwide, teaching them to harness their own inner wisdom and healing potential. She wrote The (not so) Little Book of Surprises with her husband Will Arntz, creator of What the Bleep Do We Know?!! To learn more, visit: DeirdreHade.com. Contact her at deirdre@deirdrehade.com.


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