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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Heart Rocks from my Angels

It was a sunny day last August when I stepped onto the shore of Lake Erie in Western New York and was thinking about...

Past Life Regression for Seasonal Depression

"The storm came on suddenly. We were not prepared. I'm surrounded by a whiteout with blizzard winds. I can no longer see the others...

Have Compassion for They do not Know — A Treatise on Wisdom

Have compassion; For they live in the body, and whoever lives in the body will become angry at its constraints, at its hinges and at its locks and keys — Have compassion; The...


Be silent Be still, Awakened. Be the silence That struggles To be heard. Perceive Acknowledge, Be the wisdom. Love Be loved Be silence. Be this space, This inner sanctum, That is Your soul.

EarthTalk® | March 2017

Dear EarthTalk: Is alternative energy still the next big thing for American venture capitalists? -- Jeffrey Moss, Fairfield, CT A decade ago, in the wake...