I walk backwards in order to move forward for my health. You may wonder how this is possible? I take tai-chi classes on a regular basis. My favorite tai-chi step, called “retreating,” is basically walking backwards. Through repetitive movements, my body begins to relax, and it returns back to a natural state. I give myself permission to celebrate the inner beauty that defines me.

I have trained my body to move slowly and fluidly, similar to the patterns that resemble the movements in nature. I recognize nature’s dynamic flow and its rhythm. For example, now that springtime has arrived, seedlings are eagerly pushing upward and blooming within their own natural time frame.

The rhythm of life can sometimes be dynamic, colliding into itself on any given day. From the moment of childhood there are tears of joy and laughter, and cries of worry or pain. There is a “stuck” state and a flourishing state. Ultimately, what flows will make me grow.

Everything in life has its own natural rhythm and order.

Debra Roinestad
Debra Roinestad is the author of Protected by the Light: A Spiritual Memoir based on a true story of psychic survival. Visit her at protectedbylight.com or roinestad.com. Contact Debra at DebraRnstd@gmail.com.


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