As I take the moment to look inside, I question the Self I Am,
The Self I was, is no more, but who Am I within?
I look to see, questioning deeply, the who I have become,
I see the unknown and know it is me, the Self that I’ve not been,
Deeper I go the sense I know, the silence of the Self I Am.

The deeper I go, the more I know, I Am not the only one,
The others I sense, so I Am not alone, but separate is my dance.
I have let go, and in the flow, my struggles have come to light,
But in the light I was truly not, as I clearly now can see,
The deeper I go the I sense I know, is the peace awaiting within.

The deeper I go, I begin to discern my choices were not made by me,
The energy consumed, the choice was not mine, as blind to the Self I would be.
Lost in the moment, out of touch with Self, confusion was heir apparent,
Feeling no connection, I said to my Self, they have told me who I Am to be,
I will get there I know, I will follow the crowd for the energy is strong within them.

Still lost and confused, unaware for sure, to whom Am I to listen?
From deep within, comes my answer assured, the Self I Am has the answers.
Now silent within, no more shall I do, I’ve discovered the Self deep within,
Experts they are not, their answers are for them, my answers are just for me,
Deeper I go, my sense is so strong to explore the Self I Am.

As I take every moment to look deeper within, the adventure now begins,
The last great frontier is the Essence of Self, I simply forgot to remember!

Ricki Lee Schuster

Ricki Lee Schuster lives in the Present Moment. Are You ready? Contact him by email at or phone 651.734.8399.


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