i don’t know what plant I am,
but perhaps I like the idea of being a
Lily of the Field.

or maybe not a plant at all,
but a kind, bright cloud that slowly empties itself
to luminously moisten flowers upon their beds.

or maybe
I want to be a lake surface that
kisses the sky with
deep margins of Aurora & moonlit cottons.

or maybe something impossible to forget,
like one petite wave tickling your toes
on a sun-soaked,
secluded shore.

but whatever i am,
~ i hope ~
i am that and this of you;
the deeper part of a warm grin,
forever caught in a moment.

or maybe,
i just want to be your friend.


Timothy G. Cameron is a public speaker, writer and poet. Timothy said, “Poetry saved my life,” and he desires to help readers “touch their own souls” through his work. Visit and contact him by email at


  1. This is so beautiful Timothy. God has blessed you with the gift of watering other souls with your words.


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