Held by the earth,
light scampering in ripples
on a conveyer wave line;
little traveling hills
across the surface.

To be water,
life abundant inside me;
weeds writhing
wriggling against my insides
tentacles tickling.

Making no decisions,
I ebb and flow with the wind.
My skin of currents and tides
serendipitously devouring the elements,
animals thriving
on the liquids of my pores.

Giving endlessly without loss,
I am never alone.
I grow in storms
expanding gently into the earth.
I feel nothing,
am ferocious without intent
nimbly, helplessly
crushing, conquering
a slave to the seasons.

Yet I am your existence.
Giving continuously
I am your life and your death.

I fill you, embody you.
I ask for nothing
need nothing
want nothing.
When you die
you will return to me.

I want to feel this surrender, this peace.


Caitlin Rowley has been writing since the age of 12. She teaches Pilates, Yoga and meditation. Her poetry is rooted in a strong spiritual connection to life and movement. She can be reached at Caitlinj1@yahoo.com.


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