Life seems to fly past us at a speed that is congruent with the level at which we detach ourselves from its potentially deepest and most loving and heartfelt aspects.

What are your thoughts on this dynamic? We often complain that the “year” or the “time” has “gone by so quickly,” however, when we genuinely think of all of the things we’ve done during that so-called “time” (inclusive of the innumerable moments), then it doesn’t seem to be so fast. Additionally, if we make genuinely significant effort to learn to be more and more mindful, present — being the moment that we are in — I can promise that the time will not fly by (and it will not be boring either)! Not at all.

From this perspective, so many moments each day will likely also not be so easily forgotten. They will be appreciated in a more healthful, loving spirit. In a state of mindfulness, we can become less blemished witnesses to our internal and external environments — witnesses to so much of the magic that we often ignore.

If there is a “key to the universe,” then this level of bright beautiful sparkling “true appreciation” may be a substantive part of it. It is the light of the pernicious weight of preset patterns of thinking and expectations. It is not living for the moment, it is living in the moment. This is truly a skill, and there is always room for improvement! Abiding awareness of this dynamic is a very important aspect of mindfulness and its congruent sense of splendid appreciation.

“Being” present and mindful is so very much about true appreciation of the miracle of the moment. It is so very much about true honesty, promoting true happiness and true freedom, but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind.

It is quite difficult to be upset, angry, depressed, sad, anxious or frustrated if one is not thinking such thoughts. If one is mindful, present, focusing on just what one is doing in the moment, and enjoying (“being”) a deep sense of gratitude, then it is really difficult to be lost in the dark and heavy cyclical thinking that can make us ill or worse.

This is by no means easy stuff — it is a skill. Albeit, nothing can be more rewarding than embracing such true effort – except maybe the resulting “glimpse of Heaven.” It is true health through true responsibility.


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