Anne Brady-Cronin, ONE Holistic Wellness,

As I sat, or in this case, lay down, as I took my guidance through a shamanic journey, Spirit spoke with clarity (a theme for next year) on where we are being directed in 2018.

2018 is a year of connection: connection to Spirit, connection to our innermost self and connection to others. It’s about going inside first for clarity, to discover and name what exactly it is that we are desiring for our lives. The energies will be moving things even faster in 2018, and so, to manifest, we must have clarity. That means we must know what we want! Beyond the inner journey, we are asked to connect more deeply to our sense of Spirit energy — that place where all is in existence already, just waiting to spill its abundance forth to us when we ask.

Connection to others, to take a glimpse at our surroundings: How do they make us feel? Are we afraid to go outside alone? Do we know our neighbors? Where is our sense of safety that allows us to share this life path with others? We are asked to expand ourselves, to welcome in others who may not currently be part of our lives, to create camaraderie and develop our tribe as we move forward.

Community is a desire from Spirit, as it sees us creating greater distance between ourselves, alienating, judging. This is a new year to discern who and what is of service to your sacred path, but not judge. Allow those who can walk their walk alongside of you, the freedom and welcome to do so, whether or not their path looks like ours. We are called to be stewards of Spirit’s fellowship, to expand our territories and our vibrational fields so there is always room for more Light to shine.

Co-creation: Sometimes in our giftedness, we can assume too much responsibility for what happens and what doesn’t. We are asked in 2018 to remember that we are an extension of Source energy. We, alone, do not exist. So, in manifestation, we must always welcome in Source as a creative partner. Our thoughts are not only our thoughts — our feelings, not just our feelings. We are transmitters, and what we put out is vibrating through not just us, but everyone and everything around us. We co-create with the entirety of all that is now, and with all that is in potential. Be soft, be kind, be love.

And so it is as it was received by me. Blessings galore, and have a happy, love-filled 2018.

Penny Johnson, Raven Hawke LLC,

Global: There have already been some pieces of extraterrestrial disclosure on a global scale with the release of more sealed files to come. What’s been released so far has been pretty tame. Most of these files were supposed to be released around the world by all nations. The U.S. refused to follow. With the requests for the freedom of information act in place, it is allowing a slow trickle to take place here in the U.S.

There are going to be more shakeups regarding all forms of corruption globally in government, especially in the banking and insurance industries. Employee rights will be reviewed in all workplaces. Companies that are not transparent in treating their workers will see fines levied at them.

National: There will be more shakeups coming out in government, justice and presidential scandals. Laws that have been on the books for years will be dusted off and we will finally see these criminals doing actual prison time. Agencies involved in conflict of interest will be seriously examined for their crimes against the public. Fictitious laws made to protect criminal companies will be struck down as unconstitutional. There will be more opportunities for growth for small and midsize businesses.

Local: Government, police and businesses in the community will be having their practices examined in how they serve the public. Deadly force will not be tolerated. Government will be accountable to the public on every level. Law enforcement will have policies that examine the personal family lives of employees, as well as their service to the public. Misconduct will not be tolerated. Businesses that allow hostile work environments to continue will not be welcome. These companies will be fined for violating human rights. Laws that have allowed these companies to act like an individual will be struck down as unconstitutional.

Celeste LaMosse,

Veganism has gained a firm foothold in this country and you will see veggie burgers coming to more and more markets, including fast food. Look for a McDonalds veggie burger this year. Also, the “clean meat” industry will continue to rise, growing cultured meat from cells in a factory setting. The planet is overpopulated beyond repair and feeding the masses will become a bigger and bigger issue. 

Expect indigenous Americans to take a stand against Trump’s slashing of monuments and parks for the benefit of special interest groups. Federal courts will be busy this year.

A famous animal that has been held in poor conditions in captivity for years will be released to sanctuary amidst celebration from animal rights groups, which have been working on securing its release for years.

The new highly touted drug Radicava (edavarone) for ALS will prove to be a disappointing failure, but there will be the release of another promising treatment/drug by the end of 2018. ALS will continue to be in the news, as a well-known athlete will announce having acquired this treacherous affliction. Targeted stem cell therapy is in the pipeline, but it will be another two or three years before it will be available for ALS patients.

Expect a proliferation of specialty food stores, as the public is willing to pay higher prices for novelty food items and organic everything. 

Seniors and Boomers without the necessary retirement funds will start banding together, sharing houses, and there will be a “senior house mate matching service” springing up in some communities to match together active seniors with similar interests and personalities to live as housemates. It will use a payment/barter system where housemates help each other and split costs. Tiny house communities will also be on the rise.

Mother Earth will continue to produce massive hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, fires and earthquakes all around the world, the likes of which have never been seen. 2018 will be an exciting year, as the threat of nuclear war becomes very real. 

Marie Savage, Earth & Water Wellness,

To get a reading on the year ahead, I sat with my shamanic guides in the inner garden. They said 2018 will come in with a blast of powerful energy. Many people will be ready for this now, as they are searching for ways to make their lives more meaningful and are willing to let go of the baggage.

The winter will start out quite cold, but will mellow later. Spring will bring too much rain and flooding in some places.

The great spiritual and energetic shift is behind the numerous revelations of sexual misconduct among celebrities and politicians. The façade is cracking and some of the darkest secrets are being exposed for all to see. This is a necessary part of the shift in consciousness, and it prepares the way for those who truly embrace the Light.

The President will continue to flail away and embarrass the nation, but please remember that his role is to project the “shadow” of the nation’s psyche. The darkness that he represents has really been there all along, but it had previously been better concealed by his predecessors. A necessary part of change is to first expose the darkness.

Months ahead there will be another huge shift. The stock market will suddenly crash, but a calmer energy will settle in afterward. Ready or not, a new consciousness emerges, along with new ways of living on this Earth.

Leigh Cohen Wyatt, Faery House for Body Mind and Spirit,,

The voices of greed, selfishness, fear and separation will get louder and louder this year. But we will also see a surge in our desire to learn, advance, overcome, grow, connect and rectify. A growing force floats unseen under the surface in search of common ground, healing and sharing, spreading in unlikely places.

2018 continues a long spiral of grueling extremes, further dividing those led by the heart and those led by the mind. This struggle will be felt in our individual lives, as well as nationally and globally. 

Looking at 2018 by the months: In a year that already has a barrage of information (both false and factual) as its most significant influence, January and October peak in this regard. Long hidden facts come to the surface, secrets are revealed, and high-ranking people are exposed during these months.

February, May, June and November are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, as well as upheaval in the financial markets.   

April has its focus on everything about labor — expect strikes or other labor-related unrest.

March and December are centered around the abuse of freedom, nationally and internationally, as well as breakthroughs in bringing freedom to places where there was little previously. There will be rapid changes and much unrest.  

September and November bring emotions and passion to the surface, causing considerable upheaval globally.  

Specifics: September, we will see the signs of financial downfalls, recession sets in. The Euro will plummet and towards the end of 2018 and into 2019, riots will take place as a steep economic decline takes hold. Meghan Markle gets pregnant in April, before her wedding to Prince Harry in May. Expect more volatile weather conditions, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and melting of glaciers. Expect more protests and increasing violence around the world, especially in Israel and the U.S. against the White House.


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