An excerpt from Quantum DNA Healing

Our DNA interacts with our consciousness through our Innate Self or “smart body” as it is known, which is contained within our personal quantum field. It represents the bridge between our cellular structure, our DNA, and our consciousness, and so is an inseparable part of us.

Our “innateness” comes from our “knowingness,” not of who we are in a general sense, but who we are unto ourselves. Self relates to the Divine within and, therefore, only comes from Source. Innateness predisposes one to the truth of our own inherent divinity. Innateness swipes a layer of “individual-ness” upon our cells, which is unique to each of us, and that, in this way, we direct ourselves only unto ourselves (i.e. internally and uniquely). Only our Innate knows what we and our bodies need to fulfill our soul’s divine purpose in this life and for us be healthy. Our Innate is involved in our spiritual survival, the prime directive for the human soul.

Innate is aware of all things at the cellular level and is broadcasting all the time. It broadcasts so well that it flows into that which you call the Merkaba (personal quantum field).

Our cells seem to react to our sense of innateness, because they respond when we recognize when we are “home” and are thus able to bring us back into a state of balance and health. However, if one switch in this governing mechanism malfunctions, as we will see happened in my case, we lose the connectivity to send a clear message of this to our cells.

The majority of people could not reasonably be expected to work with the complex quantum energies that influence our biology and lie outside our own mental capacity and our linear, 3-dimensional reality. Fortunately, as it turns out, we actually do not need to know exactly how to do this to achieve health or well-being, because our Innate Self does.

We are communicating with our Innate when we employ techniques such as muscle testing, osteopathy body work, body talk, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, and positive verbal affirmations. The consciousness tools presented later in this book are also ways that we can work with our Innate to affect positive change in our bodies. All of these techniques access the internal intelligence of the body (Innate) using conscious intent and deliberate action to elicit a favorable and beneficial energetic, emotional, and, ultimately, physical response.

As our Akashic memory and DNA become activated during the re-encoding process, and more multidimensional energy (information about our event history) is at our disposal, the Innate becomes more proficient in its ability to respond effectively. In other words, as Lee Carroll points out, “the wiser we are, the better we act, and the greater chance of survival we have.”

Since living cells in any organism evolve and grow from more simple stem cells, the phenomenon of quantum entanglement may explain the mechanism by which information about the whole organism is carried in the quantum attributes of its smaller parts, in accordance with the quantum holographic principle. Cells can become highly specialized and orchestrate extremely complex functioning in the body when all the DNA information is shared by quantum means — ubiquitously and instantaneously.

The fact that the vital body systems can continue to function even after a spinal cord injury, which effectively severs the brain’s connection with the body, is evidence of the existence of a system of governance outside the brain. This is the Innate Self’s role. Innate is responsible for the seemingly mysterious and miraculous healings: accelerated recoveries, spontaneous remissions, and unexplained disappearances of incurable diseases. There is no mystery after all when the Innate is involved, bridging the gap between quantum intelligent information that holds all the answers and our bodies. It is not a force outside ourselves — it is something within all of us.

However, as smart and capable as our Innate Self is, it rests in autopilot and plays a default set of instructions to our cells, unless we communicate our desire for something different. When our consciousness can communicate with our quantum DNA via the Innate, we can now begin to see the enormous influence we have over the information we provide to our cells that ultimately influences our genes.

Every time a cell reproduces to make another one, there is a query within the division process. That is to say, a question is asked…Innate is the one doing the asking and answering, “Do I make a copy of this one or go to the blueprint?” And the question is answered by this question: “Is there new information?” The answer, “No, make a copy.”

In the absence of new information, our DNA will default to the existing programs, messages defined by our existing biological and quantum (spiritual) inheritance. Conveniently, scientific experiments have shown that DNA operates like a language  and so we can community with it without decoding. It will respond to us by us simply talking to it. This observation is critical to our understanding and appreciation of the fact that we can influence and reprogram our genes by introducing new information to our DNA in the form of words and frequencies, without having to physically alter our genes.

Our Innate is ready to access the information that is appropriate for us and is waiting for our instruction. Through our consciousness then, it is possible to override any erroneous DNA information that may have altered our genetic coding and instruct our DNA to “translate” the information in our blueprint differently for a more desirable genetic outcome.

Althea S. Hawk
Althea S. Hawk is a healing practitioner and teacher who began her career in science and engineering. Her deteriorating health led to her discovery of quantum DNA healing and the powerful influences these non-physical forces played in her illness and recovery. She lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her new book is Quantum DNA Healing (Bear & Company). Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International,


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