© Judith Froemming

“Perhaps the fall from grace
wasn’t so much the eating of the apple
but rather, 
the swallowing of the story
that separated us from ourselves
and our ability to Love, 
without condition.
We weren’t thrown out of the garden,
it was fear that walked us out.

The gates to the garden remain open.
The sound of our own beating heart
calls us back 
to the garden of presence,
where we are always known, and
Unconditional Love welcomes us home.”

Judith A. Froemming
Judith Froemming, founder of Infinite Mind Hypnosis and Coaching, is a hypnotherapist and consciousness coach, certified and registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has helped hundreds of clients successfully achieve their goals and learn how to end their suffering. Her mission is to promote the evolution of consciousness by teaching anyone, with the desire to learn, the tools to create their life's purpose with Joy and Balance. Visit www.infinitemindhypnosis.com and contact Judith at judith@infinitemindhypnosis.com and 651.216.0085. | Photo © Judith Froemming


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