We dive into our false narratives and limiting beliefs that are holding us back and keeping us in bondage. We remove the lenses of illusion through which we were seeing the world. We enter in the realm of the heart where we hear the sacred silence of the inner world where fear and judgment disappear.

From that place, we don’t have to make an effort to connect to each other. We go back to our essence and the Truth of who we are.

We open our eyes and see each other from a place of deep compassion and love. The stories and limiting beliefs get dissolved and hurt and pain that were veiling our hearts are removed by the water of the Truth.

We dwell deeper and deeper into that place and we let our souls dance to the music of the sacred chants.

We then rise and stand to the Oneness that connects us ALL. No veils, no stories, no culture, no past, no future! We start to truly see each other! From the “me” mind to the “us” selfless mind.

We come together in the Circle of Unity where there is no outside or inside but only One. We chant and dance to the music of the soul.

We breathe together to the beat of the drum. Deeper connections are born and bridges of Acceptance, Love and Compassion and Respect and Collaboration become the foundation to our relationships.

We travel to that place where we receive guidance to do what we are supposed to do on this Earth. In that place, we get direction to serve our brothers and sisters in humanity and serve our Mother Earth.

Fire lightens up our hearts and we get the inspiration to do what the Divine asks us to do in this journey that we call life.

We feel peace and real joy

We awaken to the Unity

An experience with no words to describe

An experience of the Heart and Soul

An experience of a shift in perception from the illusion to the Truth

An experience of Love and Compassion and Mercy


Sanaa Zerrou
Sanaa Zerrou is a spiritual teacher and writer in the field of spirituality and mysticism. Sanaa is also a teacher and a student of A Course in Miracles, a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy. Sanaa is a philanthropist and a sacred activist focused on finding solutions to homelessness and fighting hunger and poverty nationally and globally. Her profession as an engineer and a management consultant is dedicated to work with people in businesses to improve their work lives and achieve operational excellence in the workplace. Contact Sanaa at zerrousanaa@gmail.com.


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