Most people think that healing practitioners have it lucky and that they automatically have a way to heal the problems in their lives. This is not usually the case. Healers need healing as much as anyone else.

Every human has his or her own past history of lifetimes in which they created negative beliefs and patterns along with what they inherited through genetics from every lineage of every lifetime. Yet, most healers have some common negative patterns and problems that they confront as a group.

This includes alternative healing practitioners, all medical personnel and administrators supporting those practitioners. My definition of healers also includes artists, designers, musicians, dancers, comedians and authors, who take part in the oldest healing arts known to humankind. Art, beauty, music, dance, laughter and stories are exceptionally important healers to our souls.

Then there are those healers who are in the corporate world serving as awakened conscious beings bringing Light and spiritual perspectives into that environment. Many are unable to sustain careers in those environments and leave to find self-employment or work in healing occupations.

Another prevalent problem that healers have is the challenge of taking on the negative energy of other people, without meaning to. They often feel drained or sick. This also can go back to previous lives as a shaman or medicine man/woman. In these lives, they were often taught to send their energy into another person’s body to take out the illness or problem and bring it into their own body to compost or transform it somehow. These healers today call themselves empaths, and they don’t know why they are struggling with this problem.

Empathy is a low vibration where you come down to the struggling person’s level to connect with them. Compassion is a high vibration rooted in grounding and spiritual perspective with a clean connection in which you can elevate the energies of someone else. That is a big difference. Empath contracts can be cancelled while still retaining your healing gifts.

Healers also include clergy, ministers, nuns and monks. In those lives, they made vows of poverty and chastity that are carried forward into future lifetimes, so we find many healers who have income problems along with the difficulty of finding partners and having children.

Often there are feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety when it comes time to ask for money for their services. This often is rooted in two types of past-life situations:

• Back in tribal times, the shaman/medicine man didn’t do the hunting and gathering tasks. They were taken care of by the tribe. Some healers have brought that way of being forward into this lifetime, and they cannot figure out why they are unable support themselves in their work. They can feel alone and disconnected because in the past they did their work in seclusion, and there was often only one shaman in the tribe.

• In more recent history, healers considered themselves channelers of healing Spirits, and they didn’t charge for what the Creator provided. They were either provided for by the community or they lived off the land, harvesting herbs for their healing work. This is another type of healer, called the alchemist, who now could be the chemists, master gardeners and florists.

Another group of healers are hiding. They feel compelled to do healing work or have started doing it in some way, but they end up sabotaging themselves from getting anywhere with it out of fear. This is commonly the result of having been persecuted for having psychic gifts in a past life — being accused of being a witch or wizard and being maimed, tortured or killed for it.

All healers need trauma removal for these past experiences. It is common for healers to have problems with their wrists, ankles and other joints, and those joints are weak now from having been bound as punishment in the past. So today, they can’t wear necklaces or turtlenecks as a result of old neck trauma as a result of having been hanged or decapitated in a past life.

I have experienced these problems myself, and I have had to uncover where it all came from. Eventually, other healers began coming to me with these same issues over and over again.

Many of these old agreements and vows that healers have are powerful binding energy contracts and they need to be broken. That’s what I do with a program series called “Healing for Healers.”


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