unsplash-logoMarko Blažević

Automatically enrolled
In this sacred school of life,
The Teacher hidden everywhere,
Using every falling leaf,
No pass or fail,
No grades,
Ever growing,
Ever learning,
I sometimes miss
Those little golden stars.

Bruce Vance has retired to a life of spiritual practice after a 20-year hiatus in writing, during which time he went on numerous spiritual pilgrimages, primarily in India, but also in Italy and Croatia. He lives with his wife on the outskirts of Taos, NM, in a straw bale, off-grid, solar home where he has taken up the pen once again. He has published non-fiction books on consciousness and the mind, spiritually-themed essays in various magazines, and poetry. Published works include the non-fiction books Dreamscape: Voyage in an Alternate Reality (Quest Books, 1988) and Mindscape: Exploring the Reality of Thoughtforms (Quest Books, 1989).


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