When it comes to salvation,
enlightenment or awakening,
there’s no need to save me
or me to save you.
We’re already saved,
we’ve only been slaves
to beliefs of unworthiness
and myths of cross gods.

The gift of living
is right here, in the giving
moment of what is.
Save yourself,
end your suffering,
by dropping the story
that this life’s not enough
for us to show up.

Judith A. Froemming
Judith Froemming, founder of Infinite Mind Hypnosis and Coaching, is a hypnotherapist and consciousness coach, certified and registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has helped hundreds of clients successfully achieve their goals and learn how to end their suffering. Her mission is to promote the evolution of consciousness by teaching anyone, with the desire to learn, the tools to create their life's purpose with Joy and Balance. Visit www.infinitemindhypnosis.com and contact Judith at judith@infinitemindhypnosis.com and 651.216.0085. | Photo © Judith Froemming


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