2019 is going to be a spectacular year! This is the baseline for the next five years and everything you create in 2019 will manifest over the next five to seven years. IF you have always wanted to create an empire — now is the time to do it.

It is important to note that if you are hanging on to old patterns and belief systems, you will not manifest as quickly or easily as those who are focused on the New Earth and the New Human. Many of the new human qualities are available and accessible for those who are in authentic alignment with their soul self. The key here is “soul self.”

2019 is calling you to be very focused in all areas of your life. Being completely present and in constant awareness of your beliefs, emotions and thoughts and how you are using this awareness to manifest will help you align. Being hyper aware of where you are lacking in your life is part of the focus, but knowing how to change those areas into alignment is crucial because in the New Earth we work in wholeness, which means all areas of your life must be authentic and equal.

All areas of your life are being fully supported with the alignment of the soul. This means that if there are areas of lack, they are not supported as those paradigms have been uncreated. This basically means that there is no longer any energy to support the activities of lack, and pain and suffering will increase. If you try to give those areas energy, there will only be more lack.

Transformation is what is needed to bring those areas into alignment with your truth and wisdom. Transformation does not have to be hard, but it does require you being very truthful with yourself. An opportunity to align to this magnitude has not happened in human history before, so there is no blueprint available and we are creating it as we go.

We have a huge opportunity to return to our natural abilities to create; the difference now is the way in which we create. What is required to move away from and out of the beliefs of separation is to focus on your transformation and release the old patterns and paradigms. Create 2019 with your intentions. How do you want every day to flow? If you use intentions to create every day, flow and alignment and transformation will happen with grace and ease.

You being the creator of your life is not something we have previous programming for, and it is the most exciting and amazing experience in our human history as this leads to you understanding your power. We love you dearly!


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