Skeeze from Pixabay

I am he with tiny mustache and radiant smile,
lighted by the burning chamber welcoming all

I am he with infinite love and radiant smile,
shaded by the bodhi tree welcoming all

I am the fireman ascending a collapsing tower,
and I am the terrorist descending upon glass and steel

I am the parents pouring themselves childward,
and I am the parents withdrawing into the void

I am the ewe nuzzling lamb to life,
and I am the eyeward parasite burrowing, damning to death

And I am the worm feasting on lamby flesh,
and I am the earth gorging on bones

And I am the leaf springing from bony soil,
and I am the larva weighted with leafy belly,

and I am the born butterfly sunning sunward,
and I am the light dancing on tapestry wings,
and I am the eye alighting in delight

I am God and I am not.
I am that. And I am all of that.
I am that.
And so are you.


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