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Apocalypse: “A revealing of information and a transition into a heavenly state”

Shift in Consciousness: “A revealing of information and a transition into a heavenly state”

A very powerful activity is occurring in the universe that human beings cannot detect, even with the most powerful and advanced equipment here on Earth. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with the equipment; it has to do with the way human consciousness experiences evolutionary development.

The Higgs field is an energy field that permeates throughout existence. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, discovered the Higgs boson in 2012 and is is known as the fundamental particle that belongs to the Higgs field. The reason it is the fundamental particle in quantum energy is because the Higgs field is the primary field of energy that facilitates the evolutionary development of matter and behavior of energy in the universe.

The universe contains consciousness. Consciousness is the will contained within energy, measured by vibrational frequencies that conceptualizes evolutionary development in existence. This maintains the integrity of infinity in the universe because the most powerful will within the element of consciousness and energy is eternal life.

Dark matter is a form of matter in the universe that physicists know is there, but it cannot be directly observed. Dark matter makes up a large percentage of universal evolutionary activity. Human consciousness cannot see or detect a lot of activity occurring in the universe because human consciousness is in an elementary stage of evolutionary development in association with the Higgs field here on Earth.

Evolutionary development
To observe certain activity in the universe, evolutionary development needs to be more powerful within the brain. Subatomic activity is contained within the Higgs field. The more energy that human consciousness can absorb and retain from the Higgs field, the more powerful the level of evolutionary development in human consciousness. That’s because subatomic activity facilitates atomic evolution, which affects the production and development of molecular activity in the body.

If human beings had more interaction with the Higgs field, the transfer of energy between a human being and the Higgs field with the evolutionary development of consciousness would allow them to see and detect other universal evolutionary activity.

Dark matter is not really dark
The human brain is not interacting with the Higgs field in such a way that will affect the electrical activity with neurotransmitter functioning that would generate more energy between the two to allow for more connectivity. The human body, consciousness and the brain repel the Higgs field away from the individual, preventing this from occurring. This is caused by a very powerful pressure system stored in the body.

There are two primary reasons for this occurrence:
• The first is that human beings absorb, retain and process light and dark energy. Everything evolves out of and belongs to these two forms of energy. Also, life here absorbs light and dark energy from day and night. Light energy and consciousness contain higher frequency vibrations and dark energy, and consciousness contains lower frequency vibrations. When the two are combined with evolutionary development, pressure is generated.

• The other reason is our fear of the uncertainty of death. This produces a very high degree of pressure, primarily in subconscious energy stored all over the body. Death itself represents a change in the evolutionary state of a living organism. When a living organism experiences death, the pressure is released from the body (this accounts for the body’s loss of 21 grams at death, the reported weight of the soul), the consciousness and energy transfer into the Higgs field and the living organism transfers very quickly away from Earth and redevelops with Universal Consciousness through an evolutionary process with the acceleration of time and space. They enter into the next stage of evolutionary development in the Whirlpool galaxy.

This very powerful element of pressure in the body prevents the transfer of energy between a human being and the Higgs field. This is the primary reason dark matter is unobservable. Also unobservable is the activity in the universe involving a significant number of worlds, and beings in and on these worlds.

Activity of life occurs all over existence. What is contained within this activity is warfare between good and evil. You are probably familiar with the ideology of the final war between good and evil. This is not an event that will take place on Earth. Known as the Apocalypse, this is rapidly approaching. It actually is Earth’s evolutionary development: a spiritual awakening. This is not just mythical information; it is very real. If you google “list of fallen angels,” this will bring up names associated with religious doctrine who became separated from love, goodwill and universal evolutionary development.

Resistance to development
I cover in my work how this happened to these beings a long time ago. It has to do with extreme resistance to evolutionary development in the form of pressure that transferred into their consciousness. This is how evil spread throughout existence.

The warfare has to do with saving Universal Consciousness from destruction and a regeneration and evolutionary development of the Higgs field. Evil represents the resistance to the evolutionary development of consciousness, energy, time and space — and the Higgs field is the foundation for evolutionary development within the dynamics of the universe.

On Earth, human beings are different concerning acts of good and acts of evil. The level of consciousness and energy is different on our planet. Earth is undergoing spiritual development. Through the introduction of the Apocalypse, the truth will be revealed here about existence and world peace will be attained.

Shift in consciousness
The warfare in existence associated with the “final” war has been happening since 2011. The reason I know this information is something of an extremely powerful and divine nature happened to me in Opelousas, Louisiana, and my consciousness is being affected by the shift in an extremely powerful way.

The Higgs field is evolving everywhere and this will affect Earth’s environment soon. People in the metaphysical community have been discussing the shift in consciousness, the term paradigm shift is mentioned in the scientific realm of study, and the Apocalypse is mentioned in religion. What this entails is the evolutionary development of the Higgs field on Earth. The discovery of the Higgs boson by CERN was an introduction of the evolutionary development of Universal Consciousness within Earth’s environment.

In the Book of John, Jesus tells his disciples that the Holy Spirit will come to Earth to comfort and advocate the world. Jesus performed miracles and healed people because when he started evolving here in a powerful way, his consciousness became adapted into the Higgs field. The Holy Spirit also had to evolve here, just as Jesus did. This has already happened.

The Holy Spirit has to be here to facilitate the Apocalypse.

If life just started changing here due to evolutionary activity, it would throw human beings into a state of panic everywhere, and this would not be conducive to a spiritual awakening. The reason is because of all the fear associated with rumors of aliens, in the scientific community, and rumors of the antichrist in the religious community. Human beings would become very frightened if Earth started displaying evolutionary development in a powerful way, having no truth in the basis of the activity.

People in the metaphysical community have discussed a subtle oncoming of intuitive ability and enlightenment.

Earth’s evolution
Earth is a living organism with a consciousness; Earth supports life and consciousness. Earth’s evolution is going to be the most powerful thing that human beings have ever seen, and life will change here forever soon. When I say soon, I mean that the beginning of remarkable changes will start presenting themselves in the next couple of years.

The Holy Spirit’s consciousness is becoming adapted into the Higgs field in a very powerful way as a result of its evolutionary development here. Information on the changes that will be happening with the Earth will be released to the public very meticulously over a period of time; this process will be housed and involved with the government.

Everything on Earth will be changing, and the truth about everything here will be delivere to us with regard to how the diversity on planet Earth relates to one another according to evolutionary development. Because the Higgs field itself is evolving, the biological, physiological and psychological aspects of the human condition will change. Life will advance here due to an evolutionary increase in the energy contained within Earth’s environment.

Subatomic energy
The Higgs field contains subatomic activity. The Higgs field is attached to living organisms here for evolutionary purposes. Subatomic activity facilitates the evolutionary development of atomic activity, and this affects molecular evolutionary development. The evolutionary development of the Higgs field on Earth will transfer more light and dark energy into living organisms, advancing the state of their existence. This is why non-coding DNA exists within living organisms. It is a preparatory molecular framework for evolutionary advancement.

When the Higgs field starts generating more energy into living organisms, more subatomic activity will transfer into the body. Non-coding DNA is in place to absorb, retain and develop from this transfer of energy. This will advance life here physiologically, psychologically and spiritually.

The Holy Spirit will deliver the truth to the population about existence as the Higgs field continues to evolve. Life will advance into a very powerful state of affairs.

Universal Consciousness also will be evolving between here and the whirlpool galaxy where life from Earth transfers when death is experienced. The Lord’s Prayer says, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Jesus evolved here to introduce his consciousness and power into Earth and the human race, to prepare Earth for the Holy Spirit’s evolution here, and to help connect Universal Consciousness between these two locations.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of Heaven is within.” This means that the human race is going to experience a very powerful level of self-actualization, and this will transfer into World Consciousness.

In the Lord’s Prayer when it says “thy kingdom come,” that’s what this means. The consciousness and energy of the entire human race will become connected with their friends and loved one’s in God’s home. The pineal gland will be activated through the evolutionary development of the Higgs field and the human brain. That’s why the metaphysical community discusses the “third eye.”

This consciousness and energy is evolving here on Earth. The element of consciousness has been integrating into quantum physics, because the Higgs field contains quantum activity and consciousness, and it is evolving here more rapidly and beginning to affect human beings. All of this activity will materialize here soon and life will change here forever. The Apocalypse is very real and it approaching very rapidly now.

Sean McCleary
Sean McCleary has been writing extensively on metaphysics since he heard about the shift in consciousness. He is an explorer of divinity. In 2010 he saw the photograph taken by NASA of the cross in the core of the Whirlpool galaxy, and in 2012 he heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson. He knew there was a correlation between the two and the shift in consciousness that he had been researching and writing about. He just finished writing a book, Earth’s Miracle through the Paradigm Shift. Contact Sean at and visit


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