Go easy, my soul
through days
that threaten your heart
and guide you to your knees
spent and humble
as well as days of glorious
lightness of being, when weightless
you are uplifted as if on wings.
Moreover, the many days of
breaths and sighs where
sorrow and joy lie side by side
tenderly clasping hands
as the moments roll by
like a moving picture
remembering only at the end
that it was only a dream.

Carolyn Casas
Carolyn Casas is a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher and a student of metaphysics and healing. She is happiest writing stories and poetry, reading, spending time with family and friends, volunteering, playing beach volleyball and giving Reiki. Carolyn lives on the central coast of California. She can be contacted at ceccasas@aol.com.


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