I once lived a life with great wealth but I became arrogant and turned into a hoarder.
I then learned to be charitable when I spent a life as a poor servant and was only a boarder.
I once lived a life as a great beauty but I quickly became shallow and very vain.
I then became humble when I spent a life being clumsy and when my looks were very plain.
I once lived a life in a great castle with many servants but I became very lazy because I was a royal.
I then learned diligence when I spent a life on the prairie and earned my keep by tilling the soil.
I once lived a life when I was corrupt and accused another so I would not have any jail time.
I then learned temperance when I spent a life in a dungeon because I was falsely accused of a crime.
I once lived a life as a leader but I became a tyrant and all citizens were afraid of my wrath.
I then learned compassion when I spent a life watching others being persecuted because they followed a righteous path.
Between each departure, I spent some time to reflect on the past life and what I needed to learn.
After many more lives, I finally achieved enlightenment and was then informed that I need not return.

Janis Keesling grew up in the Twin Cities and currently resides in Hugo, MN. She has been a Minnesota Poet for 24 years and has had several poems published. She currently does IT work during the day and spends her free time writing poetry, reading books on centering and spirituality, and creating crafts for various charities. Contact her at jlkeesl@gmail.com.


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