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Coming in November – October 7 Deadline
Special attention & More visibility for You.

We publish two annual Edge Directories in print, one every Spring and Fall. The Directory features businesses, healers, intuitives, churches and services representing more than a dozen holistic categories. The double-sized edition is saved by our readers as a resource for holistic businesses in their community. [For information on the online Edge Directory, click here.]

See the flip book of the most recent Edge Directory

Display Advertisements + Listings
When you purchase a display ad in the directory (four sizes available, in vertical and horizontal orientations), you receive a free listing. The listing describes who you are and what you offer your community.

Fall/Winter 2019
We invite you to promote your business, product, services or event in the Fall/Winter Edge Directory, which will be included as part of the November 2019 edition of The Edge magazine.

The Edge invites you to promote your service, event or business throughout the Twin Cities, Upper Midwest…and beyond. This semi-annual directory (published in June and November) promotes services and products that are important to our readership.

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Benefits of Advertising in The Edge Directory

  • You get a FREE Edge Directory Listing that describes who you are and what you offer your community, along with your contact information — name, phone, address, email, website.
  • Visibility to more than 40,000 people in the November 2019 edition of The Edge magazine.
  • FREE inclusion in the Directory’s digital flipbook, an electronic version of the printed directory with an active link to your site from your ad. Available online for six months. It can be seen by anyone with internet access.
  • The Edge’s promotion of the Fall/Winter Edge Directory to increase visibility of your Display Ad or Directory listing.

Directory Display Ads: Pricing & Sizes

  • 1/8 Page: $120 – 3.66″ wide x 2.34″ high
  • 1/4 Page: $190 – Vertical: 3.66″ wide x 4.74″ high; Horizontal: 7.5″ wide x 2.34″ high
  • 1/2 Page: $325 – Vertical: 3.66″ wide x 9.67″ high; Horizontal: 7.5″ wide x 4.74″ high
  • Full Page: $675 – 7.5″ wide x 9.67″ high

Directory Display Ad Specs

The Edge magazine requires high-resolution graphics that are at least 300 dots per inch at the correct size for color ads (200 acceptable for black & white). We accept high resolution .pdf, .jpg and .tif images. Submit your ad by email to Cathy@edgemagazine.net, or submit it with your listing.

To Purchase your Directory Display Ad

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Your Directory Listing

Every listing that comes with a paid Display Ad, and every paid Directory listing (without display ad), is arranged in The Edge Directory in print by Category and Sub-category. As an advertiser, you can choose which Category your listing appears under, and you can create any Sub-category up to five words in length.

Animal Healing • The Arts • Education • Healing Centers • Healing Products • Healing Therapies • Home, Business & Environment • Intuitive Guidance • Meditation, Relaxation & Yoga • Retail Resources • Services & Events • Spiritual Guidance • Travel & Retreats

You create your own Sub-category for your listing that is up to four words in length. Examples: Animal Communication, Chiropractic Healing Center, Essential Oils, Medical Intuition, Therapeutic Massage, Yoga Training, Intuitive Consulting & Counseling, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Gifts, Organic Food Co-op, and Spiritual Retreat.

Edge Directory Listing Pricing

$60 for one listing • $40 for an additional listing with purchase of a display ad in the directory.


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If you are not able or choose not to purchase your Edge Directory Listing or submit your listing online, please contact us today!