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Each month except when we publish our biannual Edge Directory (June & December), The Edge features a unique category of businesses in print. The featured businesses are published together on a full page in the magazine. Each listing related to the category of the month contains business contact information plus 50 words describing the services or products offered to the community. Featured business listings are published in print for one month and are placed for one year free on the home page of our online Edge Directory.

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Featured Businesses in 2019
The following businesses will be spotlighted in the coming months:
January 2019: Animal Services | Deadline: December 17
February 2019: Yoga & Meditation | Deadline: January 17
March 2019: Psychics, Mediums & Intuitives | Deadline: February 17
April 2019: Retreat Centers & Spas | Deadline: March 17
May 2019: Therapeutic Massage | Deadline: April 17
July 2019: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine | Deadline: June 17
August 2019: Healing & Wellness Centers | Deadline: July 17
September 2019: Coaching & Hypnotherapy | Deadline: August 17
October 2019: Energy Healing, Reiki & Healing Touch | Deadline: Septemmber 17
December 2019: Spiritual Centers | Deadline: November 17

$50 for one Featured Business listing

Call, email or purchase your listing and submit your text by the 17th of the month.

Name, phone, email, website and a 50-word description of what you offer your community.


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