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Be on display. Print ads are effective.

Magazine Advertising Sells — and it delivers results consistently. Studies show that magazines are the strongest driver of purchase intent, and magazines that are online with links to your website are nearly twice as effective!

Who reads The Edge? More than 40,000 people read our printed publication monthly in the Twin Cities…and beyond, and more than 10,000 people from around the world view this site each month. Demographically, more women than men read The Edge. Most of our readers have researched or use complementary or alternative healing modalities, purchase self-improvement products, buy nutritional supplements and place a high importance on the sustainability of our planet.

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We offer shapes and sizes in print to meet every budget:
Full page • 1/2 page • 1/3 page • 1/4 page • 1/6 page • 1/8 page • 12th page • 15th page

Print Ad Specifications

• Submit files via email to: by the 17th of the month.
• Prefered format is Adobe Acrobat PDF, with all fonts and images embedded, at high resolution – 300 dots per inch.
• All RGB elements must be converted to CMYK. Include/embed all fonts and artwork.
• 4-color black type is highly discouraged. Create black by using Process Black (100% K) in your ad designs.
• If using reverse lettering in four-color advertisements, avoid thin lines in serifs and avoid font sizing below 9 points.

Print Ad Distribution

• The Edge magazine is distributed by the 1st of the month throughout the Twin Cities, with a bit longer delay by up to a week for outstate Minnesota and subscribers. Distribution in the Twin Cities begins four business days before the 1st of the month.
• Every Display ad in The Edge is included in our PDF flipbook with active links to the websites of our advertisers. The Flipbook is sent to our email subscribers around the time distribution of the print magazine begins in the Twin Cities, about four business days before the 1st of the month. If you have a specific link that you desire for your print ad, please provide it when you submit your advertisement.


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