Alyssa Winchester

Alyssa Winchester is a traveling, freelance writer from Arizona. She is creating her mobile practice as a Guided Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Angel Card Reader, Transformational Lifecoach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, Behavioral Health Worker, leading the elderly in Hospice to cross over, and continuing her true passion of writing inspirational articles and poetry. In her free time, she crochets and sells gifts on Etsy, plays piano, reads about minimalism and sustainability, volunteers for non-profits, spends quality time with her husband and dog, and skateboards. Alyssa is a vegan, consciously driven human and animal rights advocate.  Contact her at or 760.277.0469.

Awakening in the Moment

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and routine can aid in pacifying the need for stability in our lives. Perhaps our quest is to illuminate the...

Time & Space 

Existence You live within me I live within you All of time & space  The cosmos intertwined us Every particle, fiber, molecule  Destined to collide in this multiverse  We don't complete...