Christine Bannigan

Christine Bannigan is an advocate for personal freedom, a catalyst for transformation, and a practitioner of NLP. She has written three books about her own search for freedom and is actively involved in helping others leap out of their comfort zones into the unknown. Christine has recently taker her first bungy jump and describes the experience as exhilarating. She is based in Australia and is a regular visitor to the U.S. Her spiritual adventure tours, private sessions, channelling, workshops and books support you to move beyond your conditioning in limitation to embrace your divine potential. Christine encourages you to "be yourself, not your programs."

Nature and Spirituality

There are parts of Central Australia that are made of pure love. It's an ancient energy -- sacred, protected -- and I am changed...

The Other Side: My personal experience

I'm in a field of white light, aware that I have no body or solidity, but I feel more real than the dense physicality...