Diana DiCristina

Diana DiCristina, founder of Wind Water Harmony, is a spiritual director, intuitive, feng shui and color consultant, interior alignment practitioner and Sacred Circle of Lightâ„¢ designer. As a respected expert in her profession, she shares her wisdom of spirituality, feng shui and color through teaching and mentoring, as well as private consultations with individuals, businesses and organizations. Diana received her feng shui certification from the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui, her spiritual direction certification from the Center For Spiritual Guidance, and her interior alignment certification through the International Institute of Interior Alignment. Contact Diana at 952.346.9339 or visit www.windwaterharmony.com.

Cat in the Buggy

Did you see that? That woman has a cat in the baby buggy! Yes, that would be me. After almost fifty years, once again...

Harmony in the Garden with Feng Shui

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