Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying

Dr. Bridget Bagley

Bridget Bagley, N.D., is an Iridologist, Herbologist and "Youngologist." She is author of Live as if Eternal, giving education on raw and alkaline foods, sun gazing, accelerating the rate of MHZ, thus bridging the old bodies into a progressed silicate form of advanced character. For information on Monthly Classes, call 952.473.1234 or visit

Coffee Rediscovered: An Ancient Crafted Hybrid Drug

Coffee is a hybrid deliberately blended to make people malleable and easy to control. Its history has been carefully smudged from the printed fodder...

Viruses are Daredevil Cleansers of Old Carbon Matrix

Viruses are misunderstood. They are the first line of offense. The coach is preparing the players, the old, low-grade, carbon-dominant bodies, to carry advanced...

Remodel and Upgrade Your Body for the 2013 Leap!

Bodies created before 1961 are different than those being born today. They were denser, slower moving, had thicker, darker blood, and carried less light...

The Fine Art of False Identity

What have you been saying to the world around you when you are asked "How old are you?" Did you give a comatose reply?...

Activate Your Crystalline Systems and DNA

The NASA Schumann Resonance - the frequency of the Earth - is rising as shown by the Ogden (UT) and Boulder (CO) Universal Clocks...

Food nature gives for free

We eat to consume life force. This is the only reason! Our body is a transmutation of sunlight, air and living rainwater and dew....