Eva Knudson

Eva Knudson is a seeker. Her purpose is to help integrate natural health care, eco-friendly/organic everything, and kindness to all with present moment reality. Her main interests are reading, language/culture, nature and animals - especially dogs! Contact Eva at 612.978.3493 or at evashane@netzero.com.

Psychic Shih-tzus and Sharing Life with My Dogs

I know animals are spiritual beings. Dogs have been some of my best friends since the day I was born (and probably before). They...

Road Trip: Coming Home

I've lived in the Twin Cities my entire life. I've been looking for me since I can remember. Then in 2005, just before I...

My Vision of 21st Century Health Care

The following is my vision of 21st century health care: Universal Health care, paperwork free. Babies are born in the natural way, either at home or...