Frank DiCristina

Frank DiCristina is a Traditional Harmonic Sound (Healing) Therapist and Instructor who shares his magnificent Himalayan singing bowls and gongs and exceptional healing techniques from the traditional clan knowledge practiced in the Himalayas, where people are traditionally healed with sacred sound currents for thousands of years. Frank is a Certified Building Biologist, (EMRS) Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, Reiki practitioner, Laying-on-of-Stones practitioner, Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek as well as a Master Dowser. He facilitates private sessions and retreats, as well as workshops. He can be reached at or, or call 612.384.1334.

The Silent Healing of Sound

I was exhibiting at an Alternative Health Expo several years ago -- doing Harmonic Sound Therapy (Sound Healing) sessions using my Himalayan (Tibetan) Metal...