Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying

Gina Citoli

Gina Citoli is owner of Alchemy VII Productions and director of New Earth Theater. Contact her at 503.380.7273 or Visit or find her on facebook at New Earth Theater.

Experience the Wonder of Awakened Entertainment

In the spring, everything begins to awaken. As a people, we are in the spring of a new awakening of humanity on planet Earth....

The Ritual & Celebration of Food

Last of a 4-part series Throughout the ages, food has been a part of human celebrations, life passages and holidays. We seasonally rejoice in different...

Becoming A Conscientious Food Shopper

Third in a four-part series According to Webster's Dictionary, conscientious means to be "governed by conscience." From the perspective of this article, being a conscientious...

Creating a Conscious Kitchen

Second in a four-part series The kitchen was once the center of life. With our fast-paced lifestyles, we have gradually moved away from customs of...

Conscious Eating for Radiance, Longevity and Evolution

First of a four-part series What if we could increase our longevity by 20 to 50 years or more? Many schools of thought say that...

Shaping and Directing the World with Intention

I have contemplated the word intention frequently of late, as it is a word and concept that has come into the awareness of a...