Gini Gentry

Accomplished inspirational speaker and workshop leader Gini Gentry worked side-by-side with world-renowned Toltec master don Miguel Ruiz for fourteen years. During this time, she earned the title of Nagual Woman, the female spiritual leader of the Toltec Eagle Knight Lineage. She served as content editor and marketing consultant for his New York Times best-selling book The Four Agreements. Gini is the author of the amazon bestseller Dreaming Down Heaven, and she is a principal in the forthcoming film Dreaming Heaven, which documents a recent spiritual journey she led to Teotihuacan, Mexico. Gini’s lifetime calling has been to create a standard of spiritual evolution through self-responsibility and loving interaction with all of creation.

The Dream of the Magical Theatre

The tale of the Magical Theatre made its appearance in an extraordinary dream that at first seemed too fantastic to be real. But, the...