Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying

Harmony Green

Harmony Green is an intuitive healer, spiritual doula and owner of All about the Journey, a healing center located at Her purpose in this life is to assist others in birthing their truth by working closely with her clients one-to-one. She is a humble channel of Father Sky, G Moon and the collective ancestral energies known as The Earth Dwellers and the Peace Bringers. Writing is a very cathartic and connecting process for her, and her blog Daily Danspirations is a love project from her soul. Read Harmony's blog at

Living Asleep

Solar plexus Nervous nexus Feeling global disdain World turning out of frame Then appearing centered Perfect snapshot rendered But it is all an illusion False and fractured...a delusion There is no portrait...

My Present Moment

Why would I run away when all I want is to run towards Why do wrong and right Sleep in the same bed Why do I let their labored love making Turn me into a hater..... running from myself Why do I...

In Silent Harmony

My lines laid upon this page unlined are like vines reaching and rising to the sky Lifting, lilted and lightly placed here on the unlined page Creeping...

Soul-ssage: The Value of Massage is Soul Deep

Rejoined I was, with the sea, the heavy mist of the salt air. I sought the pungent scent of the proud, gentle Redwoods that...

Silent Partner

Ever so slowly it began. She felt a deep stirring within the very depths of her loins, her soul, and her center. The heat...