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Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Journeying

Joni Schmidt

Joni Schmidt
Joni Schmidt is an Energetic Consultant. She can be reached for sessions, classes and interviews at her website Content for this article is available under Creative Commons Attribution and

Removing the Layers of Separation from Spirit

We have 39 to 48 thoughts per minute as we go about our day, taking care of Unless we are consciously monitoring our...

KISS: Keep It Spiritually Simple

In every moment there is a choice. Through every thought there is an action that can mold a behavior that can be concluded with...

Build Your Spiritual House

IF WE UNDERSTAND that the universe is composed of layers of vibrating energy, then the process of re-designing our body and planet at the...

All Physical Matter is a Result of Frequency

WE TRANSMIT OUR REALITY (our thoughts and behaviors). We are each running self-contain programs within our operating systems. We are consciousness conductors -- and we...

The Time is Now: Mission Happiness

Most of us "get" the importance of taking care of ourselves physically. It's also important to be aware of our mental bodies by way...

Purification, More Than Physical

I always like to talk people about purification of all our energy bodies. Most of us "get" the importance of taking care of ourselves...