Joanne Wakefield

Joanne Wakefield is a Frequencies of Brilliance practitioner, an Intuitive and Shamanic Healer. She is a Higher Brain Living Mastery Facilitator. She is certified in Healing Touch and organizes seminars and courses for Christine Day. She has a MA in Human Development. She facilitates workshops using crystal vortexes and heart opening techniques. She can be reached at or at

Frequencies of Brilliance…A Light Work

I remember clearly the day I was introduced to Frequencies of Brilliance. I had brought my daughter to a practitioner of this very new...

Healing with Sound

In the meditation tradition I have practiced for many years, it is said that the first movement away from Source into physicality came in...

Raising Vibrations

The best way to stay in balance as we integrate the higher frequencies that are coming on to the planet during these times is...