Judith A. Froemming

Judith A. Froemming, BA, CTC, HNLP, of Infinite Mind Hypnosis and Coaching is a "Soul Coach" who combines wisdom, humor and uncanny intuition born out of her years of practice and study in multitudes of disciplines. Powerfully transform your limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, anxiety, relationships, health or habits. Effective tools. Learn how to create your life's purpose with Joy and Balance! One hour free consultation. Call, email or visit Judith's website.

Lost and Found

When I found myself without money, I learned to share myself. When I lost my house, I became a traveler. When I lost my parents, Mother Earth and Father...

A Resolution to love yourself just as you are

A new year has begun. You think, with a sigh, that you haven't lost those 20 pounds, you're still working at the same unfulfilling...